OU's offensive 'wish list' - Running back

OU's offensive wish list returns with a look at running back.

Things are starting to work themselves out on the recruiting trail. It’s time to start looking more intently on Oklahoma’s “wish list” for the Class of 2017.

Here is an idea of where OU stands heading into late June. The number in parentheses indicates the number of recruits OU is looking to sign at the position for the Class of 2017. The names do not necessarily reflect OU’s official board but are the best guesstimate of who OU is targeting.


Running back (3)


Committed (2): Scranton (Pa.) Lackawanna CC’s Marcelias Sutton. A bit of a cheat here because it seems pretty clear Sutton is actually going to end up as a jack-of-all-trades type of recruit with running, receiving and returning. Sutton has that game-changing speed OU has been looking for, and it didn’t take long for the Sooners to go after Sutton once they realized things were not as solid with North Carolina State as it once seemed. Sutton still hasn’t seen the campus.


Marietta (Ga.) Sprayberry’s Trey Sermon. This was huge, no doubt about that. For the Sooners to go into Georgia and pick up one of the most talented prospects in the state says a lot about what SoonerSquad17 has been able to accomplish. Following a great visit to Norman during the spring, Sermon released a top six and then decided he was ready to make the call two weeks ago. With his size and ability, it’s a major way to begin the running back class.


Favorite: Lakeland (Fla.) Senior’s A.J. Davis. It’s still all about trying to get Davis to campus. OU has been right there with Davis for several months, and there’s not much more Jay Boulware can do to improve OU’s standing here. Davis has routinely mentioned the Sooners as among his top schools, it’s just a question of making that effort to see Norman and perhaps closing the deal once and for all. Until then, the door is open for other backs.


La Grange (Texas) High’s J.K. Dobbins. This is trending down after the actions of the last month, but the Sooners are still in the hunt for Dobbins, who has been committed to Ohio State since the beginning of March. OU has tried to reconnect with Dobbins during the spring, and Dobbins does have a nice relationship with multiple members of OU’s 2017 class. Lately, it has looked like he will stick with the Buckeyes but don’t expect OU to throw in the towel just yet.


Next in line: Mansfield (Texas) High’s Kennedy Brooks. Same story as last month as it pertains to Brooks, who doesn’t offer a lot of insight about anything. He did visit the Sooners in the spring, but there has been next to nothing ever since to really let anybody know where things stands. It does seem as the more offers come in, and with any little information that comes along, it hasn’t had anything to do with OU.


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