Is OU high on Perry tight end's list?

Perry tight end Curtus Justus has OU in his top three, but is he leaning out of state?

Position: Tight End
Height: 6-7
Weight: 210
Hometown: Perry, Oklahoma
High School: Perry High School

JH: Your game with Blackwell was pushed back to tonight (Saturday) because of the terrible attack on the United States. What are you thoughts on the decision to move the game back a day?

CJ: I understand whey we didn't play on Friday. I don't think it is a good thing to be thinking about football at a time like this. I am kind of glad that we are playing tonight, but I am still really split on if we should or not. I still don't think it is a good time to be thinking about football.

JH: I can tell in your voice that you wish you weren't playing the game?

CJ: "I am sorry. I really can't hide my emotions, but I will play because my coach and my team are going to be playing."

We are 1-1 on the year. We lost to Chisolm 41-39 last week. I am playing pretty well thus far. I have 11 catches, but I am not sure for how many yards. On defense I have six sacks and 11 tackles. I like offense better, but I know I am pretty good on defense."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting at this point?

CJ: I have set up one recruiting visit to Miami (1-8). I plan to visit FSU, Michigan, Oklahoma and USC. My choices are down to my top five and Tennessee might be in there somewhere as well. I am still leaning towards Miami, but not as much now. I am going to take all my visits and decide after that."

JH: Is the use of the tight end still the most important factor in your decision.

I want to go to a program that uses the tight ends and Miami, Oklahoma and USC probably use them the best. All of the schools that I am considering have outstanding programs."

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