Texas' top offensive lineman has Sooners in top 4

Plano East offensive lineman Justin Blalock will visit Oklahoma

Position: Offensive lineman
Height: 6-4
Weight: 330
Hometown: Plano, Texas
High School: Plano East High School

JH: Did you play last night?

JB: Yes, we played last night. It was a great relief to play in the game. It allowed me to get my mind off what was going on. In class we talked about the terrorist attack and how it effects us. We realize that our world could be changing and that this could have a big effect on how we deal with things in the future."

JH: How is your season going thus far?

JB: We are 2-1 on the season. I have been playing real well. Last night we went through three quarterbacks and ended up playing a wide receiver that had never played quarterback before. We still played well against Dallas Carter and still took them into overtime before we lost 25-19.

JH: How have you played thus far this season?

JB: I got off to a great start against Garland High School. I graded out at 98 percent and had 19 decleaters. Then against Duncanville I graded out at 98 percent and 12 decleaters. We only had 38 plays on offense that game so it was tough getting into a groove.

JH: How is recruiting going for you right now?

JB: I am fielding a lot of phone calls right now. am thinking about taking some visits pretty soon. The schools I am pretty set on are Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Michigan. I am up in the air on a fifth school. I don't have a leader at this point and those four are at the top of my choices.

JH: Talk about the four schools that you are interested in and why you are interested in them.

JB: Oklahoma is obviously the national champ. I wouldn't go there solely on that. They do a great job of developing players and they seem to overachieve in some cases, which has impressed me. That shows the coaches do a great job and the players play very hard. They mix up their offense very well.

I have always been a big fan of Texas every since I can remember, and that gives them a small edge. Plus, I have lived in Texas all my life. They have developed a great reputation with offensive linemen and they have an excellent strength program. They have a lot of quality players.

I have been a big fan of Florida as well. I like the fact they pass the ball a whole lot. We don't get a chance to do that a lot here and I know I will need to get better at that to play in the pros. They play in the SEC, which is one of the best passing conferences around.

I have a cousin — Jonathan Goodwin — that plays at Michigan right now. They have an excellent tradition of sending offensive linemen to the pros. I think last year they had three and the year before they had four."

JH: Do, you think you will take visits soon or make a decision soon?

JB: I am just trying to have fun my senior season and once that is over then I will get serious with recruiting.

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