top 101 speedster has likes OU

Houston running back is looking to go out of state and has Oklahoma at the top of his list

Position: Running back
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190
Forty: 4.4
Hometown: Houston, Texas
High School: Jersey Village High School

Young is considered one of the top 101 players in the country by according to top 101 after rushing for 960 yards and 15 touchdowns in just seven games due to a high ankle sprain. As a sophomore, Young exploded on the scene with 2,200 yards and 23 touchdowns. Young has also doubled at cornerback the last two years. Thus far this year Jersey Village is 1-1 and Young has rushed for 363 yards and three touchdowns. Teams haven't challenged him at cornerback yet this season.

JH: You played football this weekend, despite the national tragedy in New York City and Washington D.C. What was that like for you?

SY: For me it was kind of hard to play this weekend. I wanted to be with my family, because I have a lot of family in the Washington D.C. area. My grandmother has a lot of family back their and I want to be close to her when she is feeling down. It was pretty though to play in the game, because I kept thinking about the tragedy the whole game. I had 221 rushing yards against Dolby, so it didn't hurt my performance, but I promise I wasn't totally into the game. We beat Dolby 34-7.

JH: What does war mean to a young man like you who is 17-years old.

SY: At this age what has happened is very scary. Growing up, my great uncles and grand parents always talked about how they had to go to war and they warned me that I might have to someday. I have thought about going to war a lot, because I am 17-years old and I realize that I am getting to that age where I might be asked to go."

JH: What is going on in recruiting with you at this time?

SY: Quite a bit is going on in recruiting. UCLA, Colorado, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, TCU, Houston, Missouri, Kansas State, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Kansas are showing the most interest. My top five would probably, not in any order, is UCLA, Oklahoma, LSU, Colorado and Notre Dame.

JH: In all of your interviews you talk about UCLA and Oklahoma. Are those two schools your frontrunners, or is it just a coincidence?

SY: I have mostly been following UCLA and Oklahoma since I was young. I always heard about those two schools growing up. I feel I can fit in with both programs and what they have going at this particular time. Oklahoma is winning a lot, which makes them even better. I like that program a lot."

JH: Have you set any visits with any school at this time?

SY: No, sir I haven't.

JH: Will you be scared to fly in the future?
SY: I am scared of flying right now, so I don't know when I will set up visits. I think in a little while I will be OK with flying. I am probably going to school outside of Texas, so I will have to get over flying."

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