Andre Harris sets mark for classy recruits

Andre Harris is a quality recruit who put together a fun list of polls for the OKPreps 2016 season.

There are some recruits who simply just get it. They understand the process. They understand where they fall in that process. And they understand cheering everybody on is better than putting them down to make themselves look good.

Recruits in the state of Oklahoma have had a few of those guys lately. Last year the go-to guy was former Tulsa Booker T. Washington defensive back Kyle Mayberry. Signed with Kansas, Mayberry was quick to assist in any way possible to give attention to other kids in the cycle.

This year? It’s Putnam City North offensive lineman Andre Harris. He’s a two-star recruit (as of now) in his own right, but you don’t see a twinge of bitterness or being offended. He realizes it’s about the work he will have to put in to up his ranking and offer total. By the way, that offer total has seen a noticeable bump in the last two months.

Now it’s common for magazines, newspapers and sites such as Sooners Illustrated to do polls of who is the best at a particular position. But for an active player? Not be afraid to compare himself with other top talent? Almost unheard of.

That’s exactly what Harris has done this week, creating one Twitter poll after another asking fans to vote on who is the best at a particular position. The fairness, objectivity was remarkable for someone entering his senior year of high school.

“Well I created them because the VYPE (magazine) polls weren't very accurate and a lot of people cheated on votes by having people vote multiple times,” Harris said. “So I was just like let me see what the fans really think. I have 3,000 followers so we can get a realistic view on who thinks who is the best.

“But all the players are really liking it cause the polls are getting up to 800 votes so the numbers don't lie.”

His choices? Respected ones by fans, players and media alike. A rundown of Harris’ polls with profiles of the winners.



Running back


Wide receiver


Tight end


Offensive lineman


Defensive lineman




Defensive back


Kick returner





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