Caleb Kelly is next Eric Striker (at least in wearing No. 19)

Jersey numbers were released Monday morning for OU's incoming freshmen and junior college transfers. Meet the next No. 19, Caleb Kelly, among others.

Check another one off the list. You know you’re getting closer and closer to the Oklahoma 2016 season when jersey numbers are released for freshmen and the junior college transfers for the 2016 class.

OU recruited former five-star linebacker Caleb Kelly with the belief he would be the next Eric Striker. Turns out he is, at least in jersey form. Kelly will be the next No. 19 to hopefully terrorize opponents for the Sooners at outside linebacker.

For the full list of the jersey numbers, here ya go. Keep in mind wide receiver Adrian Hardy has already left the program, while a non-football issue continues for Bryce Youngquist and no word has been decided regarding JohnCarlo Valentin.

No. 1 LB Kapri Doucet

No. 3 CB Jordan Parker

No. 4 CB Parrish Cobb

No. 8 WR Mykel Jones

No. 9 QB Tanner Schafer

No. 10 QB Austin Kendall

No. 11 DB Parnell Motley

No. 12 WR Zach Farrar

No. 14 LB Emmanuel Beal

No. 19 LB Caleb Kelly

No. 23 RB Abdul Adams

No. 23 LB Mark Jackson

No. 28 S Chanse Sylvie

No. 40 Jon-Michael Terry

No. 55 OL Logan Roberson

No. 67 OL Ashton Julious

No. 72 DL Amani Bledsoe

No. 72 OL Ben Powers

No. 77 OL Erik Swenson

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