OU week in review

OU had one heck of a week with one heck of a week upcoming as well.

It was an exciting week for Oklahoma. But as newsworthy as this one was, it’s going to pale in comparison to what happens next week. Let’s get to it.

We are now a week away from the BBQ event planned featuring almost all of OU’s commits for 2017 and a bunch of top targets for 2018 and 2019.

Sooners Illustrated will go into much more detail next week. The one thing that remains to be seen is whether or not this is a commitment time event or a planting the seed time event.

Some of that will absolutely be predicated on who actually does arrive from the 2017 and 2018 classes and who has to cancel. But there’s no doubt it’s going to be one special scene.


*Added to that list is Maryland Heights (Mo.) Pattonville offensive lineman Marquis Hayes after committing to OU earlier this week. Although a school like Missouri was there from the start, there was just something about OU.

OU fans see the negative of that a lot when it comes to OU doing all it can and then Texas enters picture and it’s over just like that. It works this way, too, where neighboring schools have the inside track until OU comes calling.

Hayes is exactly what you think of when you’re picturing what an offensive lineman for Bill Bedenbaugh looks like.


*The week didn’t start off with such great news as Miami Columbus defensive back Trajan Bandy announced his decommitment from the Sooners. Bandy committed to OU back in February without having seen the campus, and OU simply couldn’t keep him once Miami got involved.

With a new staff at Miami, the scenario changed with Bandy. Mark Richt and his staff actually took a lot of interest in Bandy back when Richt was in Georgia. So the door opened in a major way when Richt took the next step and made that offer.

It’s hard to envision OU earning this commitment back, and that’s OK. Bandy’s initial pledge set off the next wave of commitments, especially in the secondary. It has always felt like Tre Brown (Tulsa Union) and Justin Broiles (John Marshall) were going to be Sooners, but Bandy’s pledge put the pressure on.

Defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks has preached “reserve your spot” and that’s what Brown and Broiles have done. Now Cooks can get back at it and might be able to do just that at the BBQ with Lake Dallas (Texas) High cornerback Kobe Boyce.

Boyce, committed to Texas since April, has been contemplating bolting from the Longhorns a couple of times already. Iowa looked like the destination, but Charlie Strong has always been able to get him back into the fold.

Now with a spot open in the secondary, no more feathers to ruffle, is this the time for OU to capitalize on Boyce?


*This week was nice, but the week ahead is going to be a nice way for OU to close out the unofficial summer in recruiting.

The easy one to be on the watch for is Richmond (Texas) Foster wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. Once committed to OU (back in December), Lamb decommitted in the spring.

But there were no hard feelings. It was 100 percent a case of Lamb wanting to see what else was out there and to keep that open mind and not say he’s committed to the Sooners when he’s openly looking.

Lamb did just that, visiting one top program after another. In the end, though, it seems like OU’s cool and calm reaction to Lamb’s initial departure might end up being a key reason as to why OU earns his pledge a second time.

He’s expected to announce Monday, and in talking to multiple sources, unless something drastically changes this weekend, OU is in the driver’s seat.

We’ll go a lot more in-depth as to what Lamb being in the fold means next week as long as, you know, he does pick the Sooners.

Lamb told Sooners Illustrated on Thursday night he is expected to announce at 6:30 p.m. CST Monday evening.


*The same can be said for De Soto (Texas) High offensive lineman Xavier Newman. Committed to Texas in name only at this point, be on the watch for Newman next weekend.

Newman, a three-star offensive guard, is set to be the center at this point for the class. Although some people would love for OU to continue recruiting Creed Humphrey, following his pledge to Texas A&M, think OU is ready to move on.

Newman has been, for lack of a better term, “geeked” about getting the OU offer. Add in Texas landing Patrick Hudson from Baylor for the last class, and pieces seem to be falling right into place for Newman to be the next offensive lineman for SoonerSquad17.

He is expected to be in Norman next weekend when he won’t be at Texas’ major recruiting event this weekend. Texas is bringing the house as always for its “Under the Lights” event, but Newman, yea, seems like he knows where he wants to be.


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