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OU quotables: Media days

Some of the quotes that stood out from OU at Big 12 media days.

Sooners Illustrated went into Big 12 media days with a lot of different storylines looking to address, and you’ll get to read about those in the next couple of weeks.

But not everything needs to be a story. Here is a small collection of some of the better quotes from Bob Stoops and the players from last week in Dallas.

Head coach Bob Stoops

On Michiah Quick:

“Michiah looks really good. He’s a natural corner, played it in high school. I thought that was going to be his position when we first recruited him. There’s a little bit of an attitude change in going to corner. He’s always been a tough, scrappy guy. And he’s played it before so I’m not worried.”

On 2016 expectations:

“We expect to win every year. We’ve had the circle, target on our back since 2000. That hasn’t changed. Our guys approach every year the same. I’m as excited about year 18 as I was about year one.”

On Year No. 2 with Lincoln Riley:

“I expect it to be a major advantage. You have to remember a year ago at this time we were still deciding quarterbacks. Now we’re way past that. Everyone has grown in this offense. All the little nuances in the offense – everybody understands that, at least who is coming back. Coach Riley understands the personnel better. I expected us to be much improved overall than a year ago.”

Ahmad Thomas

On leadership in the secondary:

“It’s important to have that leader. You can’t have people just sitting there and not saying anything. We have a lot of people in the secondary that will speak up. Me, Steven (Parker), Jordan (Thomas), Dakota (Austin). We’re not naturally loud, but when we have something to say, we’ll say it.”

On Kerry Cooks getting promoted to assistant defensive coordinator:

“Coach Cooks has been a very big part of our secondary success. He came in and taught us more details and stuff like that. He teaches you how to be a better player and person. Because he’s more than football. He’s teaching us how to be a good father, husband, student, everything. That’s the type of coach you need.”

Jordan Evans

On 2016 goal:

“Our wasn’t to make the playoffs last year but to win it. That’s all it’s about. We have to learn from our mistakes we made in that game and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Regardless of where we’re at (rankings), it’s OU at the end of the day. We expect everybody’s best. Whether you say we’re first or last, we have to earn it each and every game.”


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