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Sooners Illustrated caught up with a few incoming players before they got to campus

Mykel Jones is hoping to make an immediate impact and transition well off the field

Patterson (La.) High WR Mykel Jones (6-0, 185, No. 45 WR)

The story: Jones was off the radar for much of last year, and he was for sure sticking in the SEC. That was until all of a sudden, he wasn’t. The four-star receiver had gotten an offer from Oklahoma a while back, but late in the process, offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley changed Jones’ mind. Couple that with some bad news from Ole Miss, and Oklahoma was suddenly a front-runner for Jones’ signature. An official visit just before signing day turned into a surprise switch, even for Jones. On the field, Jones is fully recovered from a torn ACL and even recorded 600 yards in his final five games of the season. Before the injury, Jones was one of the best receivers in the nation. He’ll try to be that again.


JH: When you first got the OU offer, did you think you’d sign with them?

MJ: I kind of had an idea that I might be signing with them, just because it’s a great school. The way they do things as far as their schemes, I figured there was a good chance of me going there.

What about their schemes stuck out to you?

It’s pass-first. They run a good bit too because of their running backs. For the most part, they like to put the ball in their playmakers hands. I think that’s where I fit. 

Is that what made you feel like OU was the place for you?

Not only just the football part but also the educational part too. It’s just a great place and community. I really like the area. All those things had a role in it too.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

I think it was meeting the coaches and just networking with all the different recruits. Just seeing everybody’s pros and cons on the different schools. We help each other out, but we don’t know it.

What was the toughest part?

The toughest part was the teams that recruited me throughout the whole time, because Oklahoma kind of came in at the back end, but the teams that recruited me the whole time, I had to tell them that I wouldn’t be coming there and this and that.

What was it like with Oklahoma coming in late?

I thought it was really interesting. I knew they really, really interested me also. When I took the trip, something in the back of my mind was telling me that this was going to be a great place to come, that this was the best place for me.

What do you think made it feel that way?

It wasn’t the atmosphere because there was nothing that was going on when I went. I came late. It was more the coaches and the players that were there. I just liked how everybody just mingled with each other. I liked how the coaches were real with you. They’re not just going to tell you what you want to hear.

Do you have roommate yet?

I think I’ll be rooming with Zack Farrar, but me and Chanse and Caleb Kelly are good friends also.

Caleb is from pretty far away. How did you meet Caleb?

He came down for the spring game, and we were chatting it up, just talking about what we could bring to the program.

Do you know Zach well?

I met him on my official when I flew up, and we’ve been talking ever since. 

Is there a jersey number you want?

I’m wearing No. 8.

What are you looking forward to in Year 1?

I’m looking forward to making a smooth transition as far as school and football. I just want to be an immediate impact. Do whatever the team needs me to do in order to win games. 

You mentioned school, does that mean you know what you want to study?

Yeah, I think I’m going to major in communications.

Which assistant coach would you say had the most influence on you coming to OU?

Really, it’s so hard to say. Coach Riley and coach Gundy had such an impact on my decision. Both of them are just great coaches and great individuals. It’s like I can’t really choose.

Outside of football, what are you most excited about at Oklahoma?

Really just having fun in school and having fun in school. That’s the most important part. Being away from home, you want to have as many good days as possible. As long as I’m happy and I’m good with the people I’m around, I’m going to be good.

If you didn’t come to OU, where would you have ended up and why?

I think I would have ended up at the University of Alabama. The reason why, I mean, coach Saban is such a good coach and he’s recruited me since my sophomore year. He offered me my sophomore year also. The program speaks for itself. It’s just the process. It’s a constant success over there. I just felt like that would have been a great place for me to go.

What made Oklahoma vault Alabama at the end there?

What I want to say is like OU is the Alabama of the Big 12. Coach Stoops, he’s been there for a long time. He’s had some great guys. He’s put a lot of guys in the league. The scheme: That was the biggest upside on my decision. They throw the ball, and I play receiver. It makes sense. And it’s a great school.

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