Sooner Intel: Jeremiah Hall

Intel returns with an update with Jeremiah Hall, who made first visit to OU last week.

The #ChampUBBQ was a tremendous success for Oklahoma. The Sooners were able to get a bunch of commits, targets all together for one fun evening.

For most of them, it was a time to reconnect and see how things are going. But for Charlotte (N.C.) Vance H-Back Jeremiah Hall, it was finally time to see his future home.

Hall committed to the Sooners back in June without even having seen the campus. His belief was it was the right move then, and following the three-day trip in Norman last week, he knows it was the right move now.

“It was amazing, absolutely amazing,” Hall said. “There are just so many great people there – that was one of the first things that jumped to my mind.”

Most of the visitors arrived Friday afternoon, but Hall was anxious and also new so he arrived a lot earlier by showing up with his parents and his sister on Thursday.

One of Hall’s goals was to get a better feel of head coach Bob Stoops. Hall has primarily been dealing with Jay Boulware throughout the recruiting process. Hall said it was huge for his family to see the type of person Stoops is.

“We sat down with him in the office, and we just loved how he was a people person,” Hall said. “He was out there with us. You know he wasn’t off to the side watching. He was actually out there with us, running around. He was very approachable.”

SoonerSquad17 has gotten to know each other really well throughout camps and group messages. This was also the first time for Hall to get to visit with his future teammates in person.

Hall will never be mistaken for a loud personality so he said he gravitated toward running back commit Trey Sermon. They’re more relaxed. Their parents hung out together, and he had a great time getting to know perhaps the future back he will be blocking for.

OU isn’t a finished product as construction and renovation continues, but it was still enough for Hall to be excited about arriving in Norman next year.

Adding to that excitement? The photo opportunity wearing the OU jersey.

“That was one of the greatest feelings ever,” Hall said. “It’s a small taste of what’s to come. To have those colors on meant so much. It was pretty much indescribable.”

Hall made his mark at the BBQ as he was the one featured in so many Twitter videos of hitting home runs off Bob Stoops’ pitching. Hall was candid in saying hitting home runs was not a part of his expectations of the event.

He arrived a day before and stayed a day longer than most as it gave Hall and his family a chance to ask Boulware and Stoops any additional questions. All of them were met with satisfactory answers, and it’s clear Hall is ready to head to Norman.

“I have no questions at all after the visit,” Hall said. “I know, for sure, that this is definitely the best move for me.”



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