Sooner Intel: Patrick Fields

Intel returns with a look at 2018 offer Patrick Fields.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the #ChampUBBQ put on by Oklahoma for the first time last week, but there wasn’t a lot of, you know, actual news stemming from the event.

The only confirmed offer went to 2018 Tulsa (Okla.) Union defensive back Patrick Fields. Only might be the wrong word because this is an offer that looks like will end up being a game-changing one for the under the radar recruit.

Fields wasn’t a name a lot of people knew heading into the spring, but he put himself on the map with his play during spring ball at Union and then following an impressive display at OU’s elite camp last month.

Recruiting has taken off ever since, including getting noticed by Kerry Cooks.

“I felt it after the OU camp,” said Fields of when he realized things were going to pick up. “That showed me I could go out and compete against anybody. I told Coach Cooks I was going to go down there and get an offer. He sort of laughed at me, but we see what happened.”

He was a relative unknown to the TCU coaching staff as well until he turned heads at a camp event three weeks ago. Another trip to Fort Worth followed the next week, and he had an offer from Gary Patterson and the Horned Frogs.

The BBQ obviously wasn’t a competitive event. It was a meet-and-greet, light-hearted and fun time for recruits and families to get to know the coaches better.

So there was nothing Fields could do to earn an offer, but he felt pretty confident it was coming.

“I wasn’t 100 percent about it but had the feeling,” Fields said. “We were touring the facilities and Coach Cooks asked to talk with me. Then Coach Bob Stoops came out of nowhere, and we went into his office. He started talking about all the high school guys from Oklahoma that have been successful and made the offer. It’s a blessing. I’m still speechless. I can’t even put it into words.”

Fields attended the event with his grandpa, and Fields has no problem admitting he was pretty close to pulling the trigger right then and there.

Ultimately, Fields decided to let the process play out.

“You see the 2017 guys and how they are and have gelled together, and it’s almost like you want to hop on board yourself,” Fields said. “But I’m just now getting my recruiting going, and I still want to see some places before making a decision.”

Fields is a 2018 recruit, but his biggest supporter might come from SoonerSquad17 and OKC John Marshall defensive back Justin Broiles.

“I got to know him at TU (Tulsa) camp, and he talked trash to me a lot,” Fields said. “He came up to me after said I could be the real deal. Then I told him I got the offer, he was jumping on me and saying how proud he was.”

The good times haven’t stopped for Fields as he was offered by Oklahoma State on Tuesday. The Sooners are in a great spot for Fields, and it will be very interesting to see how he develops as a player in his junior season with the Redskins. Fields returns to OU this weekend, intending to spend all of Saturday in Norman.

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