Sooner Intel: Creed Humphrey

Intel returns with an update on one of OU's commits from the week, Creed Humphrey.

There was some surprise, you might even say frustration, around the state when Shawnee (Okla.) center Creed Humphrey committed to Texas A&M instead of the hometown Sooners in late June.

Humphrey was down to Oklahoma and A&M for what felt like years but was actually just a few months before picking the Aggies.

It always stings a bit when a hometown product you crave goes elsewhere. Instead of shunning Humphrey, OU coaches Bill Bedenbaugh and Lincoln Riley went right back to work to try to land the Scout 300 prospect.

All the work eventually paid off with Humphrey announcing he had flipped his commitment from Texas A&M’s #GigEmGang to OU’s #SoonerSquad17.

“When I made the decision in June, I did intend for it to be final,” Humphrey said. “But Coach B and Coach Riley kept in contact with me the whole time. The more I thought about it, the more I thought OU was home for me.”

Humphrey said he wasn’t too shocked that Bedenbaugh and Riley kept coming, but it did mean a lot. It’s commonplace to see coaches sort of drift away from recruits once they go elsewhere, but OU wasn’t about to throw in the towel just yet.

They also weren’t going to wait around to see what Humphrey wanted to do. The “attack mode” mentality was back again in July with OU landing Maryland Heights (Mo.) Pattonville offensive guard Marquis Hayes.

And Bedenbaugh hadn’t stopped recruiting fellow centers like Xavier Newman (No. 6 center) and Cesar Ruiz (No. 2 center).

In other words, as Kerry Cooks would say, reserve your spot or no idea at all if you’ll have one when you feel you’re ready.

“Yea, that did play a role,” Humphrey said. “They’ve been on fire recruiting right now. They might pick another guy, and then I’m not sure I’ll have a spot.”

Humphrey stressed it wasn’t about leaving A&M as much as joining OU. He said he never fell out of favor with any of the coaches but believes in his heart OU is the right place for him.

Humphrey and his family grew up huge OU fans, attending games on a regular basis. All of that usually goes out the window in recruiting because it’s about the right fit and about finding the school that wants you to go along with what you want.

And honestly, A&M was that school for a lot longer than OU as the Sooners were among the last schools to jump on board when they offered Humphrey a few days after the spring game.

He said last week was when the thought kept popping into his head more and more about OU actually being the right spot for him and not A&M.

He made it official Monday but actually told Bedenbaugh and Riley a couple of days before.

“They were both fired up,” Humphrey said. “I talked to Coach B on the phone and he was excited. I got a big text from Coach Riley saying how pumped he was.”

Humphrey got a chance to get to know several members of SoonerSquad17 last month at The Opening, and it could have made a bit of a dent. What Humphrey said he realized when watching those guys was what a good group they were to be around and how hard they worked.

With Humphrey in the fold, that will do it for OU’s interior offensive line. You go to sleep fine knowing Humphrey, Hayes and McKinney (Texas) Boyd’s Tyrese Robinson are with you.

OU will no doubt search for an offensive tackle, but the offensive line class has come together pretty quickly this summer.

And for Humphrey? Yea, this is a done deal.

“This decision is definitely final,” Humphrey said. “It’s amazing to have it done and sit back and now just get to work on my senior season.”

Humphrey intends to be a mid-year enrollee.


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