Two Minute Drill: JeJuan Rankins

Sophomore receiver JeJuan Rankins talks about his breakout performance so far during two-a-days.

NORMAN, Okla. — OU Head Coach Bob Stoops has always been high on sophomore wide receiver JeJuan Rankins, and for good reason. Rankins has a chance to be a gamebreaker for the Sooners and he could be the big play-go-to receiver they have been looking for since Stoops took over the Sooner program.

Rankins has put together a super preseason camp and appears ready for stardom. Shortly after Monday morning's workout I had a chance to sit down and put Rankins through the two minute drill.

JH: JeJuan, you are having a great camp. Are you a much better player now than you were a year ago?

JR: "Yes, I think so because Coach (Darrell Wyatt) has helped me a lot by staying on me real hard. It is kind of hard not to get better when somebody stays on you like that. When somebody that important to you wants you to get better then I am going to do everything that I can to get better. I think that is what has happened thus far."

JH: You played running back and so many other positions in high school, so isn't it so much better for you to just concentrate on one position at OU?

JR: "Yes, it gives me a lot more time to focus. I can concentrate on watching defenses from one position, instead of worrying about a whole lot of other stuff."

JH: It also looks like you are taking advantage of Will Peoples being out. Would you agree with that?

JR: "Yeah, I get more reps with the first unit and you can get more into it by getting more into a rhythm with that unit. You never want to see one of your guys go down, but when they do go down you have to be ready to step in and play."

JH: You are from North Carolina, but can we call you an Oklahoman yet?

JR: "Yeah, I feel pretty much at home now in Oklahoma. All the guys help in that area and I have embraced the tradition and what it means to be a student here. I feel at home now in Oklahoma."

JH: Do you feel in this offense that the wide receivers can have some big time games?

JR: "We have a whole lot of talent at wide receiver. All we have to do is get the ball in our hands and we can make plays with it."

JH: Do you consider yourself a big play receiver?

JR: "I consider myself whatever the team needs."

JH: What do you think about your quarterbacks?

JR: "Each quarterback throws the ball a little different, but in many ways they are the same to. The young guys are working hard and Jason has been around for a while, so he basically knows everything there is to know. All of them are very good and I just need to work a little more with the guys in the number one and two system so that I can get my timing down with them."

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