RECRUITING: Arlington WR to visit OU

Sooners set to get first official visit from Arlington, Texas WR Lance Leggett on Aug 30.


JH: How did practice go today?

LL: "Monday is always our toughest practice. We have our first scrimmage this Friday and we are working to get ready for it. We had two-a-days last week and they were hard, but they were good for us as well."

JH: Were you ready for school to start?

LL: "Yes, I sure am. I realize during two-a-days that they are necessary, but now that we are just practicing once a day it seems that we still get a lot done."

JH: Are you looking forward to your senior year?

LL: "I have always looked forward to being a senior and it is going to be fun. I realize that now that I am a senior I need to step up and show that I am a leader."

JH: Have you talked to quarterback Rhett Bomar, who committed to OU recently?

LL: "No, I haven't. I think it is great that he has committed to OU. I am taking my official visit to OU on August 30, the weekend they play North Texas and I hope that he is at the game. I don't know when he is taking his official visit, but even if it is not that weekend, I hope that he shows up at the game anyway. I know how good Rhett is and I know that I will have a great quarterbacks in my class that will be throwing to me the next four years. Then again it doesn't matter, because I know that OU will always have a pretty good quarterback that can throw me the ball."

JH: How does recruiting stack up at this time?

LL: "Oklahoma is my first visit and then I think I will take my other visits to Florida, Florida State, Miami and Texas. I still don't have a favorite at this time and really there isn't enough separation to really talk about it. I don't have dates set up with the other schools yet, but each school has sent me a list of games for me to choose which game weekend I want to visit."

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