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Oklahoma Sooners could begin game prep for Houston sooner than usual

Facing a tough non-conference schedule could mean a quick turnaround from training camp.

NORMAN – Oklahoma closed training camp Friday with food trucks, refreshing drinks served in martini glasses and an exchanged of numbers on the practice field. Preparation for Game 1 usually starts at most 10 days out from the season opener.

Sooners’ coach Bob Stoops mentioned Friday – as his team ate a collection of barbeque and catered foods – that preparation for Houston could start as soon as Monday. And the staff started talking about preparation for Houston this past weekend.

“We have a sense of urgency about it in that we’ve got to be at our best Game 1,” Stoops said at his preseason press conference before training camp. “. . . It is challenging going to Houston right off the bat and then home with Louisiana-Monroe and then Ohio State. There’s two of the teams in the top 12-13 in the country and deservedly so. Excellent football teams.

“We have a sense of urgency to really push, to really get into a great rhythm going into that week of game week and really ahead of game week.”

Other important decisions, like which players will take a redshirt and which will play haven’t been made yet. Stoops said that if he had his way nobody would take a redshirt.

“But if they’re not going to play or aren’t in a position to play then that may happen to a few,” Stoops said.

Things might change in the day-to-day operations of practice over the next two weeks – less contact, more strategizing or even more contact than usual. Stoops has a lot of options, it’s just a matter of choosing one. And he might have to make that decision before his usual window.

“Our schedule—we max out what I think our guys are capable of,” Stoops said. “We may probably have a little more scrimmaging and a little more physical work than maybe some years past.”


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