Heupel adjusting to life on the sidelines

OUInsider.com goes one-on-one with former Oklahoma quarterbacks and current Graduate Assistant Coach Josh Heupel.


NORMAN, Okla. — Former OU quarterback great Josh Heupel is beginning his coaching career as the Sooners Offensive Graduate Assistant this season. Right before Heupel took off on a mid-day run, he agreed to join OUInsider.com for our two-minute drill.

JH: How has the adjustment to a graduate assistant gone for you?

Heupel: "I knew what I was getting myself into, to say the least. I have enjoyed myself thus far and I am sure that will continue. It is a great learning opportunity for me to work with the offensive line, a different position that I played. I understand some of the schemes and that type of thing, but to understand which foot to step with or what number they want to put their helmet on are little intricacies that I am learning. This is going to be a great learning curve for me."

JH: All of us knew that you understood a great deal about football, but it is the little things at each position that are the most difficult to learn correct?

Heupel: "There is no doubt that there are little things about each position that make the difference to great coaches. I grew up a coach's kid and I spent time on the defensive side of the ball, because he (his father) was a defensive coordinator. I have been around every position on the defensive side of the ball and now on the offensive side I have been around most of those. However, the one position that I have never been around is the offensive line. So, it has been a great opportunity for me."

JH: Yet, all of us know that you loved your offensive linemen and often took them out for dinner. Most of those guys were your best friends in college weren't they?

Heupel: "I took the best care that I possibly could of them because they were taking care of me while I was playing. I didn't always know how they were getting the job done, but I appreciated everything they did, which was making sure I was on my feet and not on my backside."

JH: You have always said you are blessed, because you have had a chance to play quarterback for a great collegiate team. And now aren't your blessings continuing because you are beginning your coaching career?

Heupel: "There is no doubt. I have always known for a long time that I wanted to be a coach when my playing days were done. I hope to play a long time, but that didn't work out. To come back here and be apart of the coaching staff here at this great university has been absolutely exciting."

JH: What is your role exactly?

Heupel: "I have some traditional roles of a 'GA'. However, I am helping Coach (Kevin) Wilson in the offensive line with the numbers that he has. The offensive GA here spends most of his time there, but I am going break down film and scout our opponents as well."

JH: We know two-a-days are a grind on the players, but isn't that the case for the coaches as well?

Heupel: "They are a grind on everyone, even you James. This year they haven't been too bad because of the new NCAA rules. It is just at that point where we have been spending all winter and summer trying to beat up on each other, and now it is time to go whip somebody else."


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