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OU 2016 class report: Defense

How is the defensive 2016 class faring so far at OU? Players and coaches give their thoughts.

The time is just about here for Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops to make his decision on who will redshirt in 2016 and who will see time as a true freshman.

With that in mind, Sooners Illustrated has spent a lot of time talking to players and coaches about the 2016 class and how they’ve fared in camp in the last month.

Five-star linebacker Caleb Kelly probably would have made the cut if it wasn’t for the fact he missed a good portion of camp.


Defensive end Amani Bledsoe

“Amani plays with great technique. He’s tough, he’s strong, he’s physical and plays with really good leverage for a young. He’s similar — though he’s bigger — to Matt Dimon when he was a true freshman. He’s quite a bit bigger than Matt was at that time, but he comes in and plays with technique and plays with leverage. You can tell he’s been coached well. He’s also very attentive to whatever you tell him.” – Bob Stoops

Linebackers Kapri Doucet and Emmanuel Beal

“Yeah, they’ve played really well. They’ve picked up what we’re trying to do conceptually and the variety of calls we have in at this point so I’m really pleased with their production and knowledge and their comprehension of what we’re trying to do. Overall they’ve played really well and we’ve got a lot of room for improvement and feel like they’re going to help us.” – Mike Stoops

Cornerback Parrish Cobb

“Parrish had a lot of snaps yesterday and today. He continues to really impress us. He’s making a lot of plays. He’s very competitive and talented. He and Parnell Motley — he’s been exceptional the whole camp. He’s really smooth out there. It looks really natural for them both; not that other guys aren’t doing well, but they’ve really stuck out as true freshmen.” – Bob Stoops

Defensive back Parnell Motley

“He’s a good player. He’s been excellent. He’s long. He’s just 6-foot, but he has real long arms. He’s natural, just has great movement to him. He keeps himself in position and is competitive and makes plays. Even the plays he doesn’t make, he’s challenging them and forcing them to make really good catches and tight throws.” – Bob Stoops

Defensive back Chanse Sylvie

“I’ve been working with Chanse. Coming in, he was a natural athlete, but now he’s starting to feel out those route combinations and things like that. He has come a long way since when he first got here.” – Will Johnson


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