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Take 3: Let the games begin

The weekly Take 3 from Bob Stoops' press conference.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops holds a weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated is there for all of them and gives you the three biggest things from the event.

Game No. 1: vs Houston (at NRG Stadium)

Take No. 1: Wade continues to be as reliable as ever

There weren’t a lot of major news to come out of the depth chart being released but one name might have been a blast from the past for some OU fans with defensive tackle Jordan Wade.

With the health of Matthew Romar still being an issue, Wade was listed as the starter for the Sooners heading into Saturday.

“He has been improving and getting closer,” said Stoops about Romar. “We’ll see, today, once trainers get a chance to evaluate him.”

Wade has obviously been in the program for a long time but it has been a while since Wade was a prominent member of the Sooners defensive line.

That’s not to say Stoops is afraid of using Wade.

“Jordan Wade? Jordan Wade’s been playing for four years here,” Stoops said. “What’s he shown? He’s showing me three years of good football and he’s there every day. 

“I kiddingly say something could go horrible wrong in that defensive meeting room and it could somehow explode and one guy would walk out there unscathed and it would be Jordan Wade. He’d walk out of there and say high coach. How ya doing?” 

Take No. 2: Light bulb has come on for Dalton

Another thing from the depth chart was the offensive line. The starting quintet will be Orlando Brown, Cody Ford, Jonathan Alvarez, Alex Dalton and Dru Samia.

The names are familiar to OU fans, but it says a lot about what Dalton has been able to do in overcoming all of his injuries in the last year.

“He’s really played well,” Stoops said. “Assignment wise, technique. I want to say it’s Alex’s third year and he’s coming into his own and playing well.” 

Erick Wren made a strong impression and guys like Bobby Evans and Ben Powers will be guys to watch so it will be intriguing to see how things shake out.

Take No. 3: Redshirts a thing of the past?

It’s a question that has to be asked, but Stoops is sort of done with the whole redshirting guys.

“I’ve been saying that the last four or five years,” Stoops said. “We try not to redshirt anybody. We redshirted Gerald McCoy. What good was that? We redshirted Zack Sanchez. What good was that? We redshirted Sam Bradford. What good was that? I can go on and on.

“And I believe more and more players out of high school are more prepared to play at this level than they used to be, with nutrition, strength training, coaching, on and on and on.”

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