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Tight end Mark Andrews should play a big role for the Oklahoma Sooners

Andrews talks Houston 'D', Oklahoma 'O', and his increased role in the attack

Are you ready for actual football?

Definitely. We’ve been preparing real hard this offseason. I think everyone’s geared up to go.


Where is the receiving corps right now?

I think we’re a very deep receiving corps. There’s a lot of good playmakers and young guys on the receiving corps. I think there’s a lot of guys that are going to be able to step in and play this coming Saturday.


Do you need a go-to receiver?

I think everybody does want to be the go-to receiver, but at the same time, you have to realize the talent that we have around us. There’s a ton of good playmakers. That’s just a credit to the athletes that we have. I think the ball’s gonna be spread around pretty well. Baker does a terrific job of not just throwing to one person.


How is this year different for you than last year?

It’s gonna be a bigger role for me. It’s not just red-zone type of things or special plays. Just being that every-down type of guy to stay in there and be versatile and try to make plays on just regular downs, not just red-zone type of things.


What do you think about the Houston defense?

Those guys are going to fly around. Obviously, they’re going to be a very, very well-coached team. They’re going to want to come out there and hit us in the mouth right away, so they’re just going to be a very well-coached team. Fundamental and they have athletes to fly around.


How confident are you in the offense?

Second year, I think as a whole we’re all more confident in it. Just because we’re not having to install new plays and new schemes. I think as a whole group as an offense, we’re all a ton more confident.

How important is it for receivers to be good blockers as well?

That’s gonna be huge for us. With Joe Mixon and Samaje back there, two big guys, they’re gonna make someone miss. For us to be able to get down field and be able to block, it’s gonna open up more lanes for those guys. It’s a huge part of our offense. Our coaches can’t stress it enough. All the receivers love to block because we know those guys, Samaje and Joe, are going to make some big plays.

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