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Sooner Intel: Jacob Phillips, Anthony Hines

Intel returns with an update on OU targets Jacob Phillips, Anthony Hines.

By far the biggest recruiting story of the week for Oklahoma has to do with Plano (Texas) East five-star linebacker Anthony Hines.

After months and months of OU looking like the clear favorite, there is definitely some doubt as to where he will end up when making the choice Nov. 29.


The Nov. 29 date might actually be the sign that something isn’t right between OU and Hines because you have to believe the Sooners would have wanted a commitment from Hines well before that time.

It’s understandable for a recruit to want to make visits so nobody is begrudging Hines for the way he is going about things, but this OU class is about moving forward and reserving your spot. And if you don’t? Well, OU will find someone that will.

After talking to multiple sources in the last 48 hours regarding Hines and OU, it’s obvious the door isn’t closed on the pairing but there is a lot more to interpretation than ever before.

Texas, which had seemingly thrown in the towel with Hines, now sounds like the Longhorns are right there for Hines in being the school to beat.

The caveat to that, of course, is what is Texas doing as of Nov. 29. Will the Longhorns be fighting for their bowl eligible lives? Competing for a Big 12 title? Eyeing an 8-4-like season? And how will that affect the recruitment of Hines and several other top stars in the state of Texas.


East Nashville (Tenn.) linebacker Jacob Phillips is scheduled to be in Norman next weekend. Phillips is taking one of the most aggressive approaches in recruiting history by knocking out every single official visit by Oct. 1.

Phillips isn’t coming for OU-Ohio State weekend, but you best believe he’ll be the center of attention for the Sooners first home game in the renovated stadium.

OU, Notre Dame and Alabama all feel confident about their chances with Phillips. Nobody is thinking OU will end up with both Phillips and Hines. But the prospect of leaving without either doesn’t sound too realistic, either.

Phillips hasn’t set a date, but you would imagine it could be a week or two after his final visit Oct. 1 weekend. In other words, OU should know if Phillips is locked up or must to a redo of trying to go all-in with Hines.

Hines, as of now, has not locked down that official visit to Norman although it’s incredibly difficult to imagine a visit not occurring.


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