Two Minute Drill: Darrell Wyatt

OU wide receiver coach Darrell Wyatt talks about the development of receiver during two-a-days.

NORMAN, Okla. — Bob Stoops continues to say that the Sooners have their best group of wide receivers since he has been the head coach at OU. Darrell Wyatt is in his second year as the wide receiver coach at OU and stopped to talk with for our two minute drill after Wednesday night's practice.

JH: Coach Stoops continues to say that Sooners are playing with their best set of wide receivers, but he wants to see more big plays out of them. How do you go about getting big plays out of your receivers?

DW: "You just have to be more consistent and when there are opportunities to make big plays down the field, we have to take advantage. We had some opportunities last year that we didn't cash in on. The thing we really want to work on this year is to make our vertical game effective and something that our opponents have to fear."

JH: Don't you feel you have the quality players to make that happen?

DW: "There is no doubt about it. We have great speed, size and guys who can get up and make a play. It is just a matter of getting it done and that is something that we have worked on and will continue to work on throughout the season."

JH: You added another big receiver to your group today in Mark Bradley, who has moved over to wide receiver from cornerback. What do you have to do to get Bradley up to speed?

DW: "We just have to get him to feel more comfortable within this system. Mark has been in this system before, but it has been a little while. We just have to make sure that he understands the offense and knows the plays. He has great size and athletic ability. He has size, a great vertical jump and he can really run."

JH: Will Peoples is moving around much better following that sprained knee injury during the first scrimmage. It looks like you are close to getting him back in a couple of days aren't you?

DW: "There is no question about it. We feel that we will have Will back with us in a short time. We want to make sure that he is healthy and not rush him, but we need to have Will Peoples back on our football team."

JH: You have always said that guys on your unit need to take advantage of opportunities. Hasn't JeJuan Rankins done just that replacing Peoples while he has been injured?

DW: "There is no doubt it. Just like Will did last year, 'Ranks' has stepped in and proved that he wants to play and be a contributor to this football team. He has definitely been a big play receiver for us while Will has been out."

JH: It doesn't pay to get hurt on your unit does it?

DW: "'That it is exactly right. That is the one thing that Bob Stoops preaches all the time — and that is that you earn everything that you get and guys are always going to be ready to compete. So, if one guy is out and can't go then somebody has to step in and keep it going."

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