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SoonerSquad17 sticking together

One loss won't tear apart this tight-knit group.

Not all changes in recruiting are bad. The days of one game meaning the world do absolutely seem to be a thing of the past.

It can still occur, but Oklahoma is glad it has nothing to do with its 2017 class. SoonerSquad17 wasn’t bashful to tell people what it thought would happen last week against Houston, and the group hasn’t backed down ever since the OU defeat.

That’s another byproduct of having such a strong class so early in the cycle. This group didn’t commit to OU because of one game so it’s highly unlikely any of them will decommit after one game.

The trend was the opposite. You had guys like Tre Brown and CeeDee Lamb repeatedly tweet about how the 2017 class was going to be the difference maker for the Sooners.

You had recruits stating what everybody knows in college football. If you lose, do it early because you can always work your way back toward the top.

It was a frustrating Saturday for those associated with the OU program, but the key will be to see what happens from this week going forward.

Texas benefited in a major way with its success in a 50-47 overtime win against Notre Dame, landing Temple (Texas) High defensive end target Taquon Graham the very next day.

The Sooners will obviously have that same type of opportunity to have that same type of atmosphere next week when fourth-ranked Ohio State comes to town.

It was thought to be perhaps a battle of two schools ranked in the top five, but it could end up being the redemption moment for the Sooners and for SoonerSquad17.

OU used to always try to have the bulk of its commits come in for banquet weekend, but the last couple of years have seen OU go in another direction. Now it has become commonplace to get them all together for a major game, to let the infectious energy spread from commits to uncommitted kids.

The Sooners took a big hit last week with national perception but didn’t sustain one blow when it comes to its third-ranked recruiting class.

You can have a sigh of relief on that one. The Sooners should take care of business this week and then have the eyes of the nation back on Norman, back on the renovated stadium when the Buckeyes come to town.

Everybody will be watching, especially the crew known as SoonerSquad17.

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