Take 3: It's Buckeyes week

One day closer to OU and Ohio State.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops holds a weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated is there for all of them and gives you the three biggest things from the event.

Game No. 2: vs Ohio State (2-0)

Take No. 1: It’s Ohio State week

Sometimes nothing needs to be said. This is the type of game why a lot of OU players decided to pick the Sooners in recruiting.

The goal, as crazy as the week will be, is to keep focus.

I don't know that you have to tamper down emotions but you definitely have to concentrate on what really matters and that's the work you do on the field and film room and those kind of things,” Stoops said. “And ignore the rest of it, pay attention to what makes you perform at your best and that's what we'll emphasize.”

There will be one less distraction for the week with ESPN’s College Game Day heading to Louisville instead of Norman, but still, it’s going to be one crazy weekend.

Take No. 2: OU seems to be healthy

Seems to be is the key word here. You just never really know as Stoops could believe somebody is going to be back only for them to still be banged up.

OU has a lot of bruises, especially on the defensive side of the ball with D.J. Ward, Tay Evans, Charles Walker and Will Johnson. As of Monday, all should be good to go for OU.

“Everything has checked out, DJ Ward checked out well, just depends when he’s back to practice this week, but he should be ok,” Stoops said. “Same with Tay Evans, just had a minor bruise on his hip but he checked out ok. Charles Walker seemed to be better yesterday. So that’s encouraging. Should be back sometime here this week.”

Not injury related but Stoops also said Matt Dimon and Austin Roberts will be available to the team this weekend after a one-game suspension served last week.

Take No. 3: Crowd matters

We all know the story of 2008 with No. 2 Texas Tech coming to town and Stoops infamously challenging the fans to make a little noise.

It worked to the tune of a 65-21 victory and one of the best atmospheres in Owen Field history.

Stoops didn’t challenge the crowd again Monday, but he did mention how much the support of the fans can be crucial.

“Probably not in a correct way but I did,” said Stoops about 2008. “I challenged them to have an effect on the game and then they did. They sure did. Everybody still shows that jump around video of our raucous crowd. Hopefully we can give them something to cheer about and have the same kind of atmosphere.”



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