OU-Tulsa rescheduled for November 3rd

Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione talks about the decision to reschedule last Saturday's cancelled OU-Tulsa game

Rescheduling the OU-Tulsa game was something that both schools wanted. OU wanted to do it for the Sooner fans, because seven home games had been promised. Tulsa wanted to play it, because a game against Oklahoma means a lot toward their pocket books. $350,000 dollars can go a long way at a program like Tulsa's.

You knew the Sooners weren't going to play September 22. Once the Tulsa game was canceled, Sooner Head Coach Bob Stoops immediately gained tunnel vision toward two weeks of practice to get ready for Texas and Kansas State. The ultimate positive-thinker was certain that two weeks to prepare for the Wildcats and Longhorns was better than playing this upcoming weekend. Thus, the 22nd was out.

That left November 3rd. The Sooners had an open date between Nebraska and Texas A&M and the Sooner coaching staff didn't mind sliding a game in between. OU wanted Tulsa from the very beginning, but the Golden Hurricane were scheduled to play Louisiana Tech on November 3rd. However, Tulsa convinced Louisiana Tech to move their game to November 24th giving the Sooners and Hurricane an opportunity to reschedule.

"Everybody has been so cooperative in the spirit of working together and trying to seek alternatives unlike anytime that I can ever remember," said OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione. "Maybe that should go without saying and maybe that is the way it is supposed to be, but it doesn't always happen that way. Given the circumstances, everyone is trying to make it work, and because of that we were able to reach our primary goal. That was to keep the game with Tulsa here in Norman. We were able to make a few moves and have the game scheduled on November 3rd, which allows us to keep our schedule intact."

Both Tulsa and Oklahoma had other options for games, not many, but they had other options. However, the two state schools were going to exhaust all of their options before giving up their game.

"We really wanted to make the game happen, but we didn't know if we could make it happen. Even with our best intentions," said Castiglione. "We had only one or two possibilities and both of them required some move of some sort. It's always easier said then done to move a game. However, a great spirit from everyone involved made this possible."

" The two conferences, the Western Athletic Conference and the Big 12 Conference, worked together simply because we both had teams involved in matchups," Castiglione continued. "There were four games involving teams from both conferences this past weekend. All of them had to be rescheduled. The conferences started working together with the member institutions and many schools had to flip-flop dates. Louisiana Tech was involved with two moves, because they had a game originally scheduled with Kansas State this past weekend. They also moved their game with Tulsa so that we could play Tulsa November 3rd."

I for one never believed that schools could reschedule game in the middle of the season. We all understand how hard it is to schedule gamed many years in advance, let alone in the middle of the year. It just goes to show that people want to work together they can make anything happen.

Don't look for the Big 12 Championship game to move from December 1st. The Big 12 wants their title game to remain on December 1st, because the game would be played before the Bowl Selection process takes place.

OU officials also said your Tulsa ticket will work for the November 3rd game as well, so keep that ticket!

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