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Oklahoma Sooners linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo talks bouncing back against Ohio State

Okoronkwo will play a big role against the Ohio State power run spread offense

Will playing Houston help with Ohio State?

It will definitely help us. We’ll be more familiar with that type of offense. That always helps. . . . Just because you’ve seen it before. You can react faster. You know what’s coming. Stuff like that.

What did you think about Caleb Kelly?

I think he did really well. He’s a baller. He went out there, and the moment wasn’t to big for him. He went out there and played his game.

Does it help Kelly to have played already heading into this game?

I think it helps a lot for our linebacker corps to have a lot of depth and a lot of experience. The more experience, the better, when you’re playing a great team like Ohio State.

The crowd was good against ULM, but do you think they can be louder against Ohio State?

They can always be louder. They can always be louder. We’re going to be out there playing Ohio State. They are a historically great program just like we are. It’s going to be a big one.  They need to be as loud as they can be.

Has intensity changed in practice at all?

We are definitely going to turn it up, but we want to turn it up every week. We’re going to turn it up for every week that we play. We aren’t just going to turn it up just for Ohio State. We feel like we have to play our best every week.

Are you practicing better since the loss Houston?

I didn’t feel like we needed to practice better because we lost. I just feel like we always have to turn it up a notch after every week.

Is it tough to control the emotion with such a big game Saturday?

Honestly, we don’t really listen to all the outside stuff. We just do what we do, come to work every day and go hard. We try not to bring all the emotions and all of that into it. We just come and play ball.

Is there anything you do differently in preparation because you haven’t seen Ohio State at all?

No because we prepare for everybody the same. We give everybody the same amount of respect. We respect everybody we play. We’re going to prepare for them just like we prepare for anybody else. We’re not going to overlook them. We’re not going to make the moment too big. We’re just going to go out there and play.


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