Video: Baker Mayfield promises to bounce back

Baker Mayfield promises he will bounce back and Sooners will bounce back after 45-24 loss to Ohio State.

 Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield's opening statement after the game:

 “I mean any game that you play at home and you actually get everything kicked, you know it just sucks. We had a great crowd and I’m proud of the support they brought out. It’s just the fact that we didn’t play very well.

"Personally, I haven’t played well this season. I felt that game goes to show that I haven’t been the player that I was. I have been trying to work on it and have been trying to get better and better but it just goes to show that in big games like that I haven’t played well. I let this team down.

"Coach Stoops can beat around the bush but I let this team down with my performance. I need to lead better, I have to keep people positive and I have to take responsibility for that loss. It’s all on me at this point.

"We haven’t played a Big 12 game yet and I’m going to work harder than anyone in this program. I’m going to work harder than anyone Coach Stoops has ever seen. We’re going to win a Big 12 title and that’s just my mindset.

"We got our asses kicked. They came in and they played well. They had a great game plan and JT Barrett played well. They capitalized on my mistakes and our turnovers. They played better than us.”



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