Oklahoma Sooners offensive lineman Jonathan Alvarez talks his move to guard

For Alvarez, it's time to focus on starting league play and winning the Big 12 Championship

What was it like moving to guard against Ohio State and losing Cody Ford?

Of course losing a fellow teammate is hard. Me being at center and me playing at left guard last year, I knew everything that had to be done for that position anyway. Coach B, I think he knew that. That’s why he had me move over to that left guard spot.

How big was losing Cody? 

It’s a big hit. We’re now looking for guys to step up and fill that spot. Just like losing anyone on the line, it’s a big hit.

How would you grade out the offensive line against Ohio State?

I think overall, we did some really good things. Obviously, not enough good things. Other than that, we had some small little mental errors, maybe technique errors. Other than that, I think we did really good.

Do you prefer center or guard? 

It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll go wherever coach B needs me, honestly. It feels the same.

How have the last couple days been? Are you guys regrouping?

Honestly, no one is down. We still have an up-tempo kind of mentality. We know what we have to do. We have to just get back into our plays and back into our practice. Everyone is looking forward to the Big 12 Championship and getting into conference play now.

Were you surprised to get Monday off from practice? 

Honestly, I didn’t really expect it. I thought we were in trouble. That’s never happened to me since I’ve been here. Other than that, it was good. It gives you a day to get everyone into their play books and everyone into film and just study up.

What did you see in the film session Monday? 

We did a lot of good things. There wasn’t enough good to push us over that edge to win.

What did you think of Erick Wren's performance Saturday? 

I was really proud of Erick. I knew he had it in him. I knew Erick had that mentality. He always had that drive and the fight and the want-to to be out there with me. I knew as soon as he stepped on that field, the way he came out, I knew he was going to do great.

How do you keep performing well on the O-line when you guys aren't getting the team results?

We don’t let it change anything we do. Like Coach B says, we just have to do our job no matter what is going on around us. No matter what happens, we just do our jobs to the best of our abilities every single play.

What do you think of Bobby Evans? 

He’s gotten more comfortable. He’s out there. He’s playing with more of a swagger, I guess you could say. He understands what he has to do now in order to make those blocks and open holes.


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