Take 3: Time for Big 12 play for Sooners

The weekly Take 3 from Bob Stoops as OU prepares to enter Big 12 play.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops holds a weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated is there for all of them and gives you the three biggest things from the event.

Game No. 4: at TCU (3-1, 1-0)

Take No. 1: OU culture remains the same

There is a lot of talk about leadership and where OU stands for the rest of the 2016 season. Sometimes you begin to wonder if there has been a shift in the way of thinking in a program when you’re there as long as Stoops has been.

He’s not buying it.

“The culture here, guys, the way they work in the out-of-season... Sometimes you get some tough breaks, you don’t execute and play as well as you thought you would,” Stoops said. “That doesn’t mean the culture’s broken.

“That was the theme two years ago. Then we go to the playoffs and win a Big 12 championship, and it isn’t again. It never was. My point is the culture has been the same here for a long time. That doesn’t mean you win the same every year. That doesn’t mean you execute the same every year.”

OU’s leadership will remain a hot-button topic until it shows it doesn’t need to be questioned anymore.

Take No. 2: No silver lining right now for Sooners

A lot of people have tried to say once OU fixes the cornerback issues the Sooners will start rolling once again. Stoops isn’t ready to go that far.

 “I don’t know that I really like anything on our team right now at 1-3,” Stoops said. “So, no, I’m not going to put it all on one position. But I do feel we can all play better and that’s what we’re pushing for, that position as well as others.

“I’d say that about the entire team right now. I don’t think we’ve executed, either side, as well as we’re capable of.”

Of course Stoops did a whoops on that one with OU actually 1-2 this season. The Sooners have lost three of their last four, dating back to Clemson in last year’s Orange Bowl.

Stoops has never lost four of five games at OU.

Take No. 3: Stoops on Les Miles

Coaches are people, too, and Stoops gave some refreshingly honest thoughts on the firing of former LSU coach Les Miles by the university.

“I like Les a lot and really respect what he’s done at LSU and Oklahoma State, on through,” Stoops said. “It’s unfortunate. If he wants to coach again, he’ll have opportunities. He’s done it really well for a long time.

“You hate it for him. But I also know this business. I’ve been in it a long time and get that there’s a certain level of winning that people want and if you’re not doing it … there’s a lot of reasons, I think, that go into all of those decisions for everybody and that’s our business.”


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