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Sooner Intel: OU news and nuggets

Intel returns with a look at what OU can do with some uncommitted recruits.

This edition of the Intel is going to be a little bit different. No doubt Oklahoma has struggled out of the gate at 1-2 in nonconference play, but there aren’t any signs just yet of the wheels falling off.

At some other notable programs, though, there are. Three top schools in LSU, Notre Dame and USC are definitely not firing on all cylinders.

What does that mean in recruiting? Yep, it’s time to go poaching so Sooners Illustrated is going to examine the top five prospects of each class and what are some names to perhaps circle here going forward as to the Sooners making a push.

The major qualifier in this is OU absolutely has to right its own ship. Beginning with Saturday at TCU and then next week against Texas, the Sooners have to show SoonerSquad17 exactly why those guys should remain fired up about heading to Norman.

Because another loss and standing at 1-3, 1-4 or 2-3, and all the sudden that third-ranked class seems like it could be in jeopardy.

Notre Dame (Ranked No. 5)

We all thought Notre Dame and Texas played a game for the ages on the opening weekend. But since then Texas has lost at California and the Irish have dropped back-to-back home games against Michigan State and Duke and fired their defensive coordinator. Head coach Brian Kelly said all positions are up for grabs moving forward.

Top 5






Tough to see the Sooners making a strong push for any of these guys. The only one to circle would be Avery Davis, but that’s just because he’s a teammate of OU pledge Charleston Rambo. Although Rambo has been committed to OU since Easter Sunday, the Irish have always seemed to be lurking in the background. With ND struggling, should help ease some concerns for OU fans with Rambo.

Worth watching?


Adebo has visited OU before and has developed a bond with the OU coaches. Now there’s nothing to suggest something is about to flare up, but Adebo has a high ceiling and Mansfield, Texas, is a heck of a lot closer to Norman than South Bend.

Notre Dame targets?


The big one that stands out is Scout 300 inside linebacker Jacob Phillips. Firing the defensive coordinator, you would think would really help OU’s chances. Most believe Phillips will be a showdown of the crimsons with OU and Alabama. ND’s issues, though, should all but make it clear-cut that it’s down to the Sooners and Tide.

LSU (Ranked No. 6)

Been living under a rock? LSU fired head coach Les Miles and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron on Sunday, ending a wild and fun era of Tiger football. Nobody knows where the program is headed right now, but you know it’s one heck of an alluring position for a top-notch coach.

Top 5






There are certainly a couple to watch here with Vincent and Ausbon. OU didn’t make the initial top four cut for Ausbon in the summer, but the Sooners have to know they need more playmakers at receiver and Ausbon is too good to pass up.

OU wanted Vincent for a long time, and he has developed a good relationship with defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks. Most feel Texas becomes the school to watch for Vincent, which might make next week’s battle between the Sooners and the Longhorns just a little bit more interesting.

Worth watching?


OU has tried to be a player for Delpit in the past, but now might be the right time to strike. With OU looking like it won’t be able to sway five-star Jeffrey Okudah to Norman, the options are out there for the Sooners at defensive back. Delpit wouldn’t be a bad choice to feel out once again.

LSU targets?




A couple of big ones in the Houston area with Bellaire Episcopal defensive tackle Marvin Wilson and Galena Park North Shore DE/OLB K’Lavon Chaisson.

OU gave its best shot with Wilson two weeks ago. It doesn’t look like the Sooners are in a great position, but with other schools faltering like USC and Florida State, OU might not be in as bad a position as first anticipated.

Chaisson has been one of the weirder recruitments to track the last few months. OU was the favorite, then the lock, then dropped out of the picture, now back in it and OU was back to watching him during the bye week. Spots might fill up at Texas and LSU’s uncertainty might work out and be just what doctor ordered for Chaisson and the Sooners.

Ealy is intriguing only because who knows where the interest level is on either side. It seemed like he would be an LSU lock in the spring and summer and now it’s readily apparent OU is out in front. Does LSU get back into it? Or have the Sooners locked him up with a potential October commitment?

USC (Ranked No. 19)

What’s fact and what’s fiction remains a mystery right now for the Trojans. No matter how you slice it, does not look good. Three losses already this season and signs of friction among the coaching staff and players means it could be time to cut the cord with Clay Helton and look elsewhere.

Top 5






Oh yea, this is when OU should make its play for Hunter Echols. SoonerSquad17 has been recruiting him for a while, and OU certainly has a spot open at defensive end for someone like Echols. There’s no doubt about it. If there is one guy among these three schools where you need to circle him now, it would be Echols because of what’s happening with the Trojans.

Worth watching?

You don’t want to sound arrogant, but at first glance? Nobody. OU is pretty set with its class right now, and tough to see any of those current commits calling out to the Sooners. Maybe senior film changes their mind, but can’t see it happening at this point.

USC targets?





Things appear to be pretty good for OU when it comes to Johnson and Rogers because of what’s transpiring right now for USC.

Johnson is an interesting one because OU seemed to be the school to beat in the spring before backing off a bit. Then USC became the one to watch as the Sooners tried to claw their way back into the picture. Johnson hasn’t stated if/when he’ll visit OU, but if Bob Stoops can get him to town, he could be the next in line with that Fresno connection.

OU hit a home run with Rogers on his official visit two weeks ago. Colorado is a major threat, especially with the way the Buffaloes are playing right now. UCLA will be in the mix, and the Trojans linger out there. Rogers would be a huge way for Calvin Thibodeaux to introduce himself to the recruiting world.

USC always seemed on the fringe with Wilson so not too much should change here. If asked to do a pecking order for the five-star tackle, OU would be higher than USC to begin with even before what’s gone down.

Filiaga is an interesting one ever since transferring to Aledo (Texas) High. OU and USC both made his top 10, but the question remains if OU has room for him with the Sooners so high on Scout 300 offensive tackle Adrian Ealy.

Filiaga is originally from Cali so the Bruins and Trojans are ones to monitor, but it seems like he’s going to find a home closer to Aledo than California at this point.


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