OU's offensive 'wish list' - October

OU's offensive 'wish list' for October sees same names but in different spots.

Things are starting to work themselves out on the recruiting trail. It’s time to start looking more intently on Oklahoma’s “wish list” for the Class of 2017.

Here is an idea of where OU stands heading into October. The number in parentheses indicates the number of recruits OU is looking to sign at the position for the Class of 2017. The names do not necessarily reflect OU’s official board but are the best guesstimate of who OU is targeting.


Quarterback (1)


Committed (1): Mesquite (Texas) Horn’s Chris Robison. The very first commit of the incredibly talented SoonerSquad17 class. Robison caught the eye of Lincoln Riley last year at a satellite camp and committed less than two weeks after. Ever since, he has been all-in with the Sooners, including attending every single home game OU had in 2015. He’s also one of the ringleaders for OU in terms of recruiting other top prospects to join him in Norman. (No change, 9/6)

Running back (3)


Committed (3): Scranton (Pa.) Lackawanna CC’s Marcelias Sutton. A bit of a cheat here because it seems pretty clear Sutton is actually going to end up as a jack-of-all-trades type of recruit with running, receiving and returning. Sutton has that game-changing speed OU has been looking for, and it didn’t take long for the Sooners to go after Sutton once they realized things were not as solid with North Carolina State as it once seemed. Sutton still hasn’t seen the campus. (No change, 9/6)


Marietta (Ga.) Sprayberry’s Trey Sermon. This was huge, no doubt about that. For the Sooners to go into Georgia and pick up one of the most talented prospects in the state says a lot about what SoonerSquad17 has been able to accomplish. Following a great visit to Norman during the spring, Sermon committed. Following another great trip to OU for the BBQ, sure feels like OU has this one secured. (No change, 9/6)


Mansfield (Texas) High’s Kennedy Brooks. Surprise, surprise. Following a great OU visit back in the spring, it felt like Brooks was going to be a Sooner. But as time went on, seemed both sides were going in different directions. You knew OU wanted another running back, and as it turns out Brooks is the guy as he shocked a lot of people by committing to the Sooners earlier this week. OU shouldn’t need anything else at the position this cycle.

Favorite: None. Nobody needed.

H-Back (1)


Committed (1): Charlotte (N.C.) Vance’s Jeremiah Hall. After sitting out the H-Back scene the last two recruiting cycles, it was clear the Sooners wanted one this time around. They wanted their next Dimitri Flowers and have found him with Hall, who is already bigger than Flowers was in high school. He’s accepted the H-Back role, and he says he’s ready to make a difference. Initial trip to Norman for the BBQ event was a huge success. (No change, 9/6)

Wide receiver (3-4)


Committed (3): Waxahachie (Texas) High’s Jalen Reagor. Most believe that when this list rolls around in November that Reagor will no longer be a member. After visiting OU and TCU in September, the gut feel is simply the Frogs are going to win out. The Sooners have done everything right in this recruitment, but it seems as though OU will be back in the market for another slot option here sooner than later.


Cedar Hill (Texas) High’s Charleston Rambo. Just minutes after Reagor’s commitment, Rambo joined the party and said the two of them had been discussing committing to the same school for a while. OU has targeted Rambo in a major way ever since a satellite camp last summer. Multiple trips to Norman in a short timeframe led everyone to believe OU was sitting in the driver’s seat. Turns out everything was exactly as it appeared and Rambo gives a nice blend of size and speed. (No change, 9/6)


Richmond (Texas) Foster’s CeeDee Lamb. He’s back. You can go home again. After committing in December, decommitting in April, Lamb has indeed rejoined the group. Lamb is one of the most explosive, athletic talents Sooners Illustrated has seen in person for the class. Lamb, OU coaches, everybody handled this situation in a mature way, which perhaps was a big reason why Lamb is with the crimson and cream once again. (No change, 9/6)


Favorite: Lakeland (Fla.) High’s James Robinson. OU has been mentioned by Robinson before. The longer Robinson takes to make the choice, the better the Sooners have to feel. Clemson seems like the sure bet. Then Florida seems like the easy pick. Robinson is still out there and still pretty firm on saying he wants to take a visit to Norman. A spot is definitely available.


On the radar: Los Angeles Hawkins’ Joseph Lewis. With Lewis saying he’s going to take an official visit to OU this fall, it gives the impression the Sooners are going to take at least three receivers and then maybe a fourth if everything falls into place. Lewis would be one of those guys if everything fell into place. Ranked the No. 1 receiver in the nation by Scout, it doesn’t look rosy for OU, but the Sooners are in the mix heading into the fall.


Lancaster (Texas) High’s Omar Manning. OU has done every single thing right. Sometimes, though, not in the cards. He’s just one of those guys where if he hasn’t committed to OU at this point, he just never will. Texas looked like the school to watch last month but now all signs point toward Manning perhaps joining Reagor in Fort Worth with the Frogs.

A slot receiver. Seriously, not sure who, but someone if/when Reagor decides to leave the group.

Tight end (1)


Committed (1): Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Catholic’s Grant Calcaterra. From the time OU offered in February, you just had that feeling this was going to be end up being one of the SoonerSquad17 recruits. Following a great visit and some time to clear his head and think it over, he did indeed enter the fold. Calcaterra has great size, great hands and has really strutted his stuff nationally in camps. It was clear he was OU’s No. 1 guy at tight end the whole time. He was back at OU for the BBQ and all is well. (No change, 9/6).

Favorite: None. This is over and done with.

Interior Offensive Line (2-3)


Committed (3): McKinney (Texas) Boyd’s Tyrese Robinson. You could make a valid argument that Robinson is the glue of this class. A huge position of need combined with having great relationships with basically every other commit in the group. Robinson surprised a lot of people by committing at junior day, but he has been rock solid ever since. Offensive line is always a need, but it’s a less of one when you start with someone as big as talented as Robinson. (No change, 9/6)


Maryland Heights (Mo.) Pattonville’s Marquis Hayes. Said last month that if OU made a real play, this would get interesting in a hurry. OU did, offered, and it got interesting in a hurry. Hayes has the size to play tackle, but Hayes has said offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh believes Hayes can be an elite offensive guard. Based on what Bedenbaugh looks for from his offensive linemen, this seems like a perfect match. (No change, 9/6)


Shawnee (Okla.) High’s Creed Humphrey. OU kept another in-state product home by getting Humphrey to flip from Texas A&M to the Sooners. Humphrey is the third-ranked center in the country and grew up a huge OU fan. Once Lincoln Riley and Bill Bedenbaugh didn’t stop recruiting Humphrey, it felt like a matter of time before the switch would happen. And it did, giving OU five Scout 300 prospects from within the state. (No change, 10/3)


Favorite: Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy’s Cesar Ruiz. It doesn’t compute that OU is still in the running for Ruiz, but the Sooners are. Ruiz, the second-ranked center in the country, has made it abundantly clear he wants to check out Norman. Ruiz has tentatively set his official visit to OU for Bedlam in December. A long time until then to see if anything changes. Michigan appears to be easy leader.

Next in line: None.

Offensive tackle (1-2)

Committed: None.


Favorite: Baton Rouge (La.) University Lab’s Adrian Ealy. The Sooners are the easy favorite for Ealy as we head into the fall. A great official visit seemed to seal the deal, but it remains a waiting game. Most believe it’s a when proposition and not an if in regards to when Ealy joins the Squad. Other official visits could be on the horizon, but OU hit this one out of the park with his initial trip to Norman last month.


Next in line: Aledo (Texas) High’s Chuck Filiaga. Will the Sooners be able to reap the rewards of Filiaga transferring from California to Aledo? Tough to gauge where he is at right now and how moving halfway across the country might change his thoughts as well. OU was able to get a visit from Filiaga during the spring so that’s a start. Filiaga is going crazy with unofficial visits, but Norman needs to be one of them here soon. TCU, Michigan among the schools that should feel confident with Filiaga.


Austin (Texas) Westlake’s Stephan Zabie. Brutal break for Zabie after being ruled ineligible this season by the governing body of Texas public high schools. Zabie has only played one season of football so the question remains where he stands with all the schools who have offered. Potential is one thing, but can OU risk taking a chance on someone so unproven?

Removed from last month: None.


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