OU unfiltered: Jordan Thomas

Unfiltered returns with Jordan Thomas talking secondary improvements and OU-Texas memories.

Each week Sooners Illustrated turns off the narrative and allows one OU player to say his thoughts. Uncut, it’s unfiltered. This week it’s junior cornerback Jordan Thomas.

What is this week like for a Texas native?

Growing up in Texas, it’s been a big game all my life. I never actually attended one until I started playing, but just the rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma, and in reality a lot of our guys here at Oklahoma came from Texas, but just the hype of it, the fans and just the people around the game, it’s just huge.

How much pride is on the line?

A ton just because of the wins that the guys before me have put together and the name that the program has and just the mentality that the program has going into it and how everyone looks at the game, not just between Oklahoma and Texas but nationally. It’s a lot.

Last year’s game?

It definitely stung. They just outplayed us, and that’s plain and simple. There’s no X’s and O’s we could have replaced here or there to make it better. They just outplayed and that’s that. Obviously this year we’re going to go out and try to make it different.

Playing more physical done mentally or just physically?

It’s a little bit of both. You have to have a mindset behind it. At the same time, you just have to go out there and play. Last year they brought it to us and being physical doesn’t mean getting stupid penalties or outside of the lines. It’s a legal dogfight in between the line and between the whistles.

Secondary gotten better each week? More confident?

Yeah, I do. I’ve said it many times, but confidence comes with experience, and I feel like we have made certain steps, but at the same time we have to be able to translate all of it to the game. You can’t work on one thing and fix that and have lapses in another area. We just have to be uniform in our games and all of our mistakes, we have to minimize them. If we work on one thing, we can’t forget about all the other technique things that we have done so well within the past.

Favorite memory from OU/Texas?

My freshman year, Zack Sanchez got an interception for a touchdown and that was huge for me. That was the biggest game I'd ever played in and just watching it happen and unfold before my eyes, I was just "Wow, that stuff's real.  It's cool."


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