Sooner Intel: OU focused on certain few

Intel returns with a look at why it's OK that OU isn't bringing the house for Red River Showdown.

Not going to stop you from saying the Oklahoma-Texas matchup is lacking the sizzle of years past. Both teams have two losses and a lot of recruits are headed to College Station for Texas A&M and Tennessee.

What will say, though, is no big deal. The Sooners enter the weekend with 20 commits for the 2017 class, including 15 in the Scout 300. That’s not much more OU needs to do at this point to finish the class outside of finding the last pieces and keeping the committed ones home.

So yea, the visitors list isn’t all that exciting. Don’t panic. There are two names for OU to zero in on and a chance to make that major impression.

Lake Dallas (Texas) High CB Kobe Boyce

A lot of OU fans believe wide receiver commit Jalen Reagor is looking for a reason to leave SoonerSquad17. If that’s the case, then say hello to the Texas version of it. Boyce has been committed to the Horns for a while, but it has always felt like he’s had one foot out the door.

That feeling continued last month when Boyce, a high three-star cornerback, made an official visit to Norman to see the Sooners and Buckeyes. It felt like it would just be a matter of when and not if Boyce would decommit.

Three weeks later and still waiting so this would be OU’s chance to show Boyce the problems in the secondary are gone, and now you can come home to Norman.

Boyce seems to be favoring OU right now and has no doubt developed a good bond with OU’s 2017 commits. A win here might be enough to push him over the edge and make that leap.

Galena Park (Texas) North Shore DE K’Lavon Chaisson

Oh what a recruitment this has been. From looking like an OU lock in the summer to parting ways to reconnecting once again.

OU is being helped immensely by the struggles of LSU and Florida State as those two schools would seemingly be the top ones for Chaisson in a different scenario.

Instead, if OU can win for the second week in a row and defeat its rival, it could show Chaisson the 2016 season is not lost. Texas is also in the mix for Chaisson, but it’s so hard to see anybody heading toward Charlie Strong based on his uncertain future.

OU can do a lot of good in helping its cause with Chaisson, while at the same time hurting the chances for Texas to land the Scout 100 prospect.

Those are the names. Now OU is bringing the house in terms of its commitments, no doubt about that. Included in that will be the newest pledge, Mansfield running back Kennedy Brooks.

There will be some 2018 recruits to watch, but OU had to fight off Arkansas-Alabama for recruits in Tulsa and the Aggies-Vols for kids in Texas. It wasn’t ideal so the key thing to watch is how well the group interacts together.

A good number of these recruits were together in Norman three weeks ago when Ohio State put on a pounding on the Sooners at Owen Field. It’s a chance to make things right. Get the commits smiling again and start adding more members to the fold for SoonerSquad17.


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