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Take 3: OU's extensive injury report

All eyes point toward OU's injuries in the weekly Take 3.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops holds a weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated is there for all of them and gives you the three biggest things from the event.

Game No. 6: vs. Kansas State

Take No. 1: OU injury report a little longer

It has not been a kind year to OU in regards to injuries. Nobody is going to make excuses, but it has obviously been a pretty part of what has happened to the Sooners.

Stoops had some updates but not all of them as OU tries to get back to full strength heading into this weekend’s game vs. KSU.

Stoops said Ahmad Thomas is probable but not 100 percent. Will Johnson should return. He was unsure about Matt Dimon, Parrish Cobb and Charles Walker. Jonathan Alvarez was ready to play vs. Horns, but the offensive line did its job so no need to tinker with anything.

Fullback Dimitri Flowers should be OK, while things are still up in the air regarding Kahlil Haughton. Michiah Quick will miss the next six weeks with a sprained MCL, and Stoops is sure hoping the rule changes that caused Quick’s injury on an apparent chop block.

“If that is legal, it needs to be not legal,” Stoops said. “We need to revisit the rules that far away from the ball. We’ll see. We’ll see what they say.”

Stoops hadn’t heard back from the Big 12 as of Monday afternoon.

Take No. 2: Stoops stays out of the way when it comes to concussions

Everybody has noticed the number of concussions OU has experienced during the last two seasons. OU has had three players (Jamal Danley, Tay Evans, Daniel Brooks) decide to end their football careers because of concussion issues.

What role does Stoops play in it? Not as big as you might think.

“I’m not part of the process, because I don’t ever want a young man to feel pressured by me to do something that isn’t going to be in his best interests,” Stoops said. I am not a part of it. It’s really doctors and parents.

“It’s my job to get my arm around him if they are finished and let them know that they’re still a part of this team. I told them they could be student coaches. When Wayne Chambers was disqualified from playing because of a bone issue in his neck, he started coaching with us. He’s a full-time coach now, doing well.

“Again, it’s just my job to let them know that I want them around and want them to be a part of the team in any capacity that they can. I’m not a part of that.”

Stoops said Tay Evans wants to be one of those student coaches and indicated Daniel Brooks most likely will take on that role as well.

Take No. 3: Stoops defends usage of timeouts

A running joke among OU fans is when will Stoops use his first timeout in a game. But Stoops was quick to point out his reasoning for using them and why, even if it’s not aesthetically pleasing, it’s necessary to make the call.

“It’s better than having young DB not where he needed to be when they’re spread out like that,” Stoops said. “I haven’t had the occasion where I needed them at the end. I think everyone … they’re for those kinds of instances (utter confusion).

“You don’t get three points if you have three of them at the end of the game. In the end, sometimes with the way these guys are going at lightning speed, it’s a positive to use them.


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