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OU unfiltered: Orlando Brown

It's raw and uncut, unfiltered with OU offensive tackle Orlando Brown.

Each week Sooners Illustrated turns off the narrative and allows one OU player to say his thoughts. Uncut, it’s unfiltered. This week it’s redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Orlando Brown.

OL shuffle hasn’t hurt?

We’re just a bunch of guys that want to win and want to go out and be the best at their position. We focus on that weekly as far as prepping ourselves for Saturdays. I think guys are doing a great job of that.

Tempo speeding up and slowing down?

I love when we run tempo. I think we play our best football when the other team is trying to get their call from the sideline or trying to get lined up. They’re not set and we are and it’s just coming off the ball and getting your feet moving and getting in position. I love it when we go fast. When we go slow, it’s football. But I love it when we go high tempo.

What’s the adjustment for you when the offense slows down?

For me, it’s harder to see blitzes when those guys have time to really set up. A lot of teams like to hide things and disguise them. When you’re playing fast, they have to line up quick and you can tell by certain alignments whether or not they’re coming.

Offense clicking on all cylinders?

I think our confidence is at an all-time high. We understand we have a ton of work to do. Beating Texas isn’t the only thing on our mind. We’re all about having a singular focus each week and winning the Big 12 championship. We have a lot of work to do and a lot to improve on.

Confidence level?

I think it helps a bunch. We have all these extra guys. Dede is stepping up. Dahu is starting to make plays. You’ve got Samaje and Joe in the backfield. We’re moving the ball in the run game. It’s gonna help us a bunch.

Emergence of Ben Powers?

I definitely saw it coming. As far as his performance, he’s been very consistent for a first-year guy. To come out here from junior college isn’t easy. He’s done a great job with it and has been productive for us. He’s coming to work every day with the mindset that he has to get better.

How hard is it for a big guy to recover a fumble?

Pretty hard. I’ve only touched the ball one time in my career and it was in high school. It was a fumble recovery and I knocked the wind out of myself. It’s not a good idea.

Offense took off at this time last year?

I think it becomes more urgent. Everyone understands you’re not guaranteed those games after the regular season. You understand you’re gonna get everyone’s best football in October and November. I think it’s just the realization of that and understanding you have to get better to be productive in October and November and make a bowl game and the playoffs.

Offensive line a bunch of guys common fans don’t recognize?

I think you see the grittiness and the mentality behind all of us upfront. Our paths, it wasn’t easy for any of us. No matter who is in there whether it’s Alvarez or Cody or Alex Dalton, everyone had to work and do their thing to get on the field. A ton of guys come here and never see it. It shows as far as going out and making all the finishes. I think that shows the mentality and that sticks out to me.

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