Two Minute Drill: Junior CB Antonio Perkins

Starting cornerback/punt returner Antonio Perkins says the new halo rule won't effect his return game.

NORMAN, Okla. — Antonio Perkins enters his junior season at OU as one of the rising stars of college football. Already, Perkins is considered one of the leading return men in college football and this year he finally gets a chance to play his desired position of cornerback. sat down recently with OU's starting cornerback for another installment of the two-minute drill.

JH: You had a lower calf injury for most of training camp. I am sure you are glad that is behind you and that you have returned to practice, because it is no fun working with Jerry Schmidt's staff on the side is it?

AP: "No kidding, it is a very hard workout when you are injured. You have to ride the bike, stairmaster and weights all the time. I was glad to get back on the field, where I could get back to practicing football."

JH: You are so incredibly fast. Don't your legs have to be just right so that you can play at your highest level?

AP: "I get a little tight here and there, but I battle through it. It is a mental thing mostly, but this recent injury would have gotten worse if I had not taken care of it then. I got my mind and body set for the season, so that I can have a strong season."

JH: How are the new punt rules going to affect your punt returns?

AP: "I don't think it is going to effect me at all. I am going to catch every punt just like I have been doing. Plus, I have great gunners and great blockers, so I am going to go after every punt return and go get it."

JH: Coach Bob Stoops said with the old ‘Halo Rule' it was like stealing candy from a baby. Did you feel the same way?

AP: "I did enjoy the space that the "Halo Rule' gave me, but I will get room with the new rules as well. They can run down, but my teammates will keep them off me and I think we are going to lead the nation in punt return yards."

JH: Do you like punt returns or kick returns better?

AP: "It doesn't matter to me. I just like getting my hands on the ball. It can be interception returns and that will be just fine with me. As long as I touch the ball I am happy."

JH: You have played more at safety than corner during your career thus far, so have the corner skills come back to you as quickly as you would like?

AP: "I have always worked out at corner, even though I have played more deep safety here. So, I have always worked on my skills. We are ready to go at corner. We are two deep with outstanding players. We have Eric Bassey and Jowahn Poteat, who both have a great feel for the game and they certainly have the athletic ability to play cornerback. If all if us in the secondary go out and play together, then we can have the best secondary in the country."

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