RECRUITING: Four-star FB has three favorites

Conway, Ark. fullback Peyton Hillis names his top three and talks about his interest in Oklahoma.


JH: Have you started your season yet?

PH: "We had a scrimmage against Springdale and Southside this past Monday. We played two quarters against each team and I played about two quarters in one game and five minutes in the other game and finished with 150 yards rushing. I was pretty satisfied with how things went, because we went up there to work on some things and just to try to get better. Overall, I was satisfied that we were able to do that."

JH: How good is Conway going to be this year?

PH: "I think we are going to be really, really good. As long as we playy together as a team we are going to be really good."

JH: You have been a great football player for a while now, so how do teams try to stop you?

PH: "They know Conway's offense, so they know that it is either me up the middle or our halfback around the end. They put about nine guys in the box and try to stop us that way and that is pretty tough move the ball against inside. You have to fight for all the yards that you can get."

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

PH: "I am looking forward to when the coaches can start calling again. Recruiting is very important and the fact is that it is a big decision for me, so I am looking forward to hearing from a number of schools so that I can learn more about the. That is especially true of Oklahoma."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you like?

PH: "They have a great winning tradition and they seem to like me a little bit. They feel I can come in and play early out of high school. Considering the caliber of football that Oklahoma plays, that thought is like icing on the cake for me."

JH: Do you still have a top three and could you talk about the other two schools besides Oklahoma?

PH: "I have a top three. It would be Oklahoma, Arkansas and Nebraska, and that hasn't changed for a while. Arkansas hasn't sent me too much stuff lately. They are a good team and they have shown a lot of interest in me in the past. Nebraska utilizes the fullback a lot in their offense and they have a great coaching staff and tradition."

JH: Will you take all of your visits or at least visit the schools that you have an interest in?

PH: "I will definitely visit those three schools and maybe another one if I get interested in another school."

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