RECRUITING: Sooners invading Indiana

Indianapolis, Ind. athlete Ryan Baker talks about his top five and his unofficial trip to Norman over the summer.


Baker is an athlete who has really come of age during the summer and is now regarded as one of the best two-way athletes in the country. College recruiters like him both as a tight end and a defensive end, and that is just fine with him.

"I wouldn't say I like any position more than another," said Baker. "If "If had to pick one right now I would pick defensive end, but to be honest I just want to get on the field and hit somebody. I think football is football and the coaches will find the best position for me to play, so either one is fine with me."

Baker is so talented he started as a freshman going both ways at tight end and defensive end. He has followed that up with the same both his sophomore and junior years.

"I actually play all along the defensive line," said Baker. "I even line up at nose guard sometimes. My coaches try to hide me, but it wouldn't make any difference, because high school linemen have trouble blocker me anyway. To be honest, I run into a lot of linemen who aren't very good and I just pretty much have my way with them.

"At tight end I have pretty good success as well. I don't want to sound cocky, but my weakest link is blocking and I still do a pretty good job there. I really think that I like defensive end a little bit better, because you can be more physical, but tight end is a good position as well."

Baker has been offered by 24 schools and that list will grow once his season starts. So, has Baker narrowed his list of schools down?

"I really don't have a top five at this point, but you could say that Oklahoma is going to be on that list," said Baker. "I do have a top five list in my own mind, but I don't want to say anything at this time. When I took my unofficial visit to OU I didn't get to meet too many people, but the coaches were great and real positive all the time. The players that I did meet were the same and seem to be enjoying themselves. The campus was nice and the facilities were great. OU was a good, real productive place and I want to take an official visit there and really check the place out. I haven't seen some of the schools that I am interested in like Stanford or Tennessee. I also haven't seen Texas, but that is about it.

"Unofficially, I went to Oklahoma, Florida (camp), Notre Dame (camp), Purdue (camp), Indiana, Boston College (camp) and Michigan (camp). My dad basically just took to me to all of these places. We flew to Oklahoma, but we drove to Florida and to the other places. I really want to see Oklahoma on a gameday and see what there new stadium looks like with people sitting in all of those seats."

Baker starts in hoops, and in both basketball and football he enjoyed success helping both teams to state titles. Baker can bench 300 pounds, squats 435 and he has a 3- inch vertical.

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