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Charles Walker NOT returning to OU

Defensive lineman Charles Walker is not going to return to OU and will focus on the NFL Draft.

An Oklahoma spokesman confirmed Tuesday evening defensive lineman Charles Walker has elected to sit out the rest of the season and will work toward entering the NFL Draft.

Walker, a redshirt junior, has not played for the Sooners since OU’s 52-46 victory at TCU on Oct. 1. Following that game, head coach Bob Stoops said Walker would miss some time because Walker said he suffered a concussion in the game.

Since then, speculation has run rampant about Walker and his status with the Sooners. He released a tweet later in the month of October saying he would do anything in his power to come back for OU, but a tweet Monday evening perhaps was foreshadowing of what was to come.


Walker tweeted as a parent you make choices about your family and not about yourself. Ever since Walker has become a father, he had always been quick to say the priorities in his life had changed 100 percent.

Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops has made hints in the last six weeks, saying the defense will play with guys that want to play, want to be Sooners. With the Walker news official, Stoops didn't mince his words.

"Quitting on your teammates, that’s hard to take as a coach," Stoops said. "Everything we stand for is our commitment to one another. For whatever reason, that wasn’t there for him. He thought this was a better avenue. You’d have to ask him for those. From a coach’s perspective, you don’t see this happen very often.

"This is a unique situation. I don’t know what the details are of it. You’d have to ask him. I’m sure he’ll put out a release or tweet something. 

We’ve managed it and wish him well. Hopefully, he can get his football life together. He’s a talented player. I’m just disappointed the way it ended here after such a promising start to his career and not seeing it finish in a positive way is disappointing. I think as a coach as and I think the players feel the same way.

"He’s come a long way, but everyone has reasons and I’m not gonna project what his reasons were. We haven’t talked and he hasn’t been around much — in and out."

Walker played in four games and had seven tackles, two for loss and batted down four balls.

Walker missed the Orange Bowl last year against Clemson because of concussion, which wasn’t the first concussion he has suffered in his career.

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