OU unfiltered: Jeffery Mead

Unfiltered this week is wide receiver Jeffery Mead.

Each week Sooners Illustrated turns off the narrative and allows one OU player to say his thoughts. Uncut, it’s unfiltered. This week it’s wide receiver Jeffery Mead, one of the more eclectic members of the Sooners squad.

Describe the one-handed grab vs. Baylor

“Trying to get the ball, fighting (indiscernible) at the same time. I honestly thought I was going to get laid out, but I kept tipping the ball, trying to tip it to myself. It was a little out of my reach when I tipped it to myself, and I tipped it again and caught it.”

Is coverage on Dede Westbrook opening you guys up?

“If you watched, Baylor was double-covering him with a safety over the top, so that opens up a lot of opportunities for other people. So, yeah. Once someone starts making plays, they have to adjust. They’d be stupid not to, and a lot of people get opportunities.”

Are you stepping up?

“Kind of. I feel like gosh, there’s a lot more to take, I mean, pull out of it, but I feel like I’m on the right track. Let’s put it like that. I’m at the bottom, but starting to climb.”

How’s your confidence? Any difference?

“No. I feel about the same as I felt, I just feel like I’ve gotten a little bit more opportunities.”

What’s changed?

“Nothing, really, I just think, more opportunities. My game hasn’t really changed. My focus is still just getting bigger and stronger and kind of working my footwork for better routes. There hasn’t been any drastic change in any of those things to make a big difference.”

Read any books?

“Not on the field, but I was reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It’s a different book that I’ve been reading a little bit.”

Book choice for Saturday?

“Probably back to “Think and Get Rich.” I left “Think and Get Rich” at Iowa State on the ground. So I just bought a new one yesterday.”

Any notes?

“No. I’ll probably just re-read it because it’s one of those books that’s deep, I guess, is the way to put it. So you have to read it multiple times. So it’s not a big deal.”

Is 3-3 defense unusual?

“It’s going to be different. A lot of times, we’ve had a lot of one-on-one coverage. From what I’ve watched so far, I haven’t seen a lot of it. But yeah, they run a lot of cover 3 from what I’ve seen. So I feel like we’re going to have to run different routes. You’re going to be in a lot of open holes versus one-on-one. That’s how I feel. But I’ve only watched 20 minutes, so I don’t know yet.” 

One-handed grab - who was pass intended for?

“I’m going to hope it was for me, because I don’t think Dede would have caught it. Off my tip, he might have caught it, but if you look at it and you’re watching, I don’t think he would have been able to get to it. So I think it was to me.”

How important are those wide receiver gloves?

“Yeah. Major. I mean, if you see my one-handed catch. I mean, I don’t know, like, I’m not bragging, but if you see it on that punt that they kicked, it was like 50, 60 yards. I’m not doing that without gloves. There’s no way. The glove grips it and sticks it. I can’t do that.”

Crazy to play without gloves?

“No, like if it’s wet, sometimes, if you don’t have water gloves, the ball will slip. Like today, I didn’t wear gloves because we had wet ball drills. I didn’t want it to slip through my hands. So it just depends on the situation.” 

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