RECRUITING: Ohio LB could visit Norman

Huber Heights, Ohio LB Marcus Freeman lists the Sooners among an impressive list of favorites.


JH: How did your first game go?

MF: "We lost our first game 21-13 against Cincinnati Oak Hills. I think I played decent. I am not sure I played a well as I could have, but I played OK."

JH: Do you have any individual goals for this season?

MF: "As a team player I want to win as many games as I can and right now I don't care about individual goals."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

MF: "I am still looking at a number of schools, but if I would say my top five at the moment is Ohio State, Michigan, Miami, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. I don't have a favorite yet, and I am still considering a lot of different schools."

JH: What is it that stands out about those five schools?

MF: "The tradition of those five schools are the best, and when you consider what they have to offer both from a football and academic standpoint, those five schools are tremendous."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

MF: "Oklahoma has one of the best traditions in the country and I really like Bob Stoops, who obviously is one of the best coaches in the country. If I was go to Oklahoma I know that I would be playing for a national championship every year and playing for a chance to go to a major bowl. Oklahoma plays great defense and I would have the opportunity to play for one of the best defensive teams in the country. There are a lot of things that are appealing about Oklahoma."

JH: Have you scheduled any visits at this point?

MF: "I hope to take at least three visits during the season and then two after it. I haven't even talked to any schools about when I will visit just yet."

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