Don't hit panic button on OU's hopes

OU goes up one spot to No. 8 in the college football playoff rankings. And that's OK this time around.

When chaos doesn’t occur, you’re going to have weeks like this. Oklahoma received one gift last week with Houston taking down Louisville but everything else was the status quo.

Those hoping the Sooners win at West Virginia would help elevate them over fellow two-loss teams Wisconsin and Penn State had those hopes dashed Tuesday with the Sooners at No. 8.

OU is finally on the board now with a top-25 win after defeating No. 18 West Virginia, but it still has the weakest resume at this point so no surprise it didn’t move up more but also no panic.

The Sooners will get a chance to help themselves obviously against now No. 10-ranked Oklahoma State and will have to get some more help to think about punching a playoff ticket.

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan

4. Clemson

5. Washington

6. Wisconsin

7. Penn State

8. Oklahoma

9. Colorado

Alabama – Nothing. Let the Tide win out, doesn’t matter one bit with Sooners. Even a loss and you know Alabama is still in top four and probably would even remain No. 1.

Ohio State – OK, things get tricky here if Buckeyes and Penn State win out since Nittany Lions would have the head-to-head edge and go to Big Ten championship. OSU would be 11-1 with, you know, a 45-24 win in Norman on resume. So what you need here is Michigan to take down the Bucks in Columbus this weekend. If not, heck, hope for a Penn State loss this weekend vs. Michigan State and then let the Buckeyes win out and be one of the four teams.

Michigan – OU’s best hope for everything is for Wolverines to run the table. Beat Ohio State. Beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game. That would put Michigan and Alabama in the playoff. OU’s other hope is for the Wolverines to lose vs. Ohio State and look so bad in doing it that there’s no way OU would be behind Michigan next week.

Clemson – Let the Tigers take care of business the rest of the way and clinch the third spot in the playoff. No problem in that regard. Clemson still has looked shaky and has South Carolina this week in the annual rivalry showdown before playing in the ACC championship next week.

Washington – Suffer another loss, whether it’s vs. Washington State in the Apple Cup this week or a loss in the Pac-12 championship game. The Huskies seem to be the most vulnerable right now to fall once again. A loss either week would guarantee not winning the conference.

Wisconsin – Win out until losing in the Big Ten championship game. The Badgers could lose to Minnesota, but much like Penn State losing to Michigan State, just doesn’t seem very probable. The other real scenario is simply Wisconsin running the table the whole way and being the B1G representative.

Penn State – A loss to Sparty be ideal but not likely by any stretch. Instead, OU fans have to hope for Michigan to beat Ohio State so the Lions would never get a chance to play for the Big Ten championship. Because if Penn State ends up beating Wisconsin in the Big Ten, now you have a scenario of Penn State being in and an 11-1 Buckeyes squad passing the eye test.

OU – For one more game, focus on what you can control. OU has won its last four games by more than 10 points and its last two by more than 20 points. That’s the type of statement you want to make at this time of year. Do that one more time in Bedlam vs. No. 10 Oklahoma State and watch the chips fall where they may.

Colorado – Now this is starting to get serious with the Buffs. Following a nice win against Washington State, CU can add to its resume this week by beating Utah and then taking out a 1-loss Washington in the Pac-12 championship game. Buffs couldn’t finish any stronger if that were the scenario.

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