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OU unfiltered: Jordan Wade

OU unfiltered this week is with senior defensive tackle Jordan Wade. It's time for senior day.

Each week Sooners Illustrated turns off the narrative and allows one OU player to say his thoughts. Uncut, it’s unfiltered. This week it’s defensive tackle Jordan Wade, who is not trying to think about senior day at all.

Ready for senior day?

It will be real special because it will be my last one, my last game on the field. Also, because it’s a Big 12 championship game. Amazing to play my last game.

Couldn’t have written a better script?

Couldn’t. It’s amazing. My mom and my little brother (will be there). First time for them (on the field).

The Jordan Wade legacy?

Always one to always be there. Doing all the right things. Always being on the field. Always doing my job.

You had to sort of emerge as the leader of defensive line?

I’m more in the middle, always making sure, so I have to be a leader for them. All the younger guys, somebody has to be a leader for them. Always talking out there for them, making sure they’re doing the right things.

Ever wear down this season?

Nah. Just keep going. Don’t really think about it. Have a good mindset and keep practicing and keep going every time.

Most plays this year?

Ohio State. 68 plays. I felt it that time.

Feels like at Notre Dame in 2013 was your first big chance to shine?

Man, that was a long time ago.

Crazy playing as freshman in South Bend, right?

Blows my mind, especially playing at Notre Dame, too. That was a big game. Wow.

Bedlam mean anything to Texas high school kid initially?

I was a Texas fan back in high school so I didn’t know much about the Bedlam. It was always OU-Texas was the big one to me.

When did you hear the word Bedlam?

Probably when I first got here. Whenever they first started mentioning it, I was like ‘what is that?’ It’s a big rivalry game, it’s Oklahoma State. I thought it was just the OU-Texas one as the big one.

Take going through it one year to understand the rivalry?

It was always the last game and everyone treated it like it was a big one.

Will that change if Bedlam gets moved up during the season?

It’ll always be a big game. It’s always Bedlam.

How did Calvin Thibodeaux deal with all the issues this season?

He’s handling it really well. Even though everyone’s been hurt, he just keeps going. He’s really positive with us. That’s what has helped a lot. He keeps going.

Does he ever talk about the big games he was in at OU?

Yeah, he always reminisces and goes back. Sometimes if we get there into film early, he’ll turn on one of his old games and we’ll watch it.

What would it mean to win a conference championship on home field?

It would mean a lot. Coach Stoops always tells us we’ve never had the Big 12 championship game here in Norman. It’s really big.

How good can Du’Vonta Lampkin be? How surprised are you with his success so early in his career?

It’s helped out a lot. Whenever Romar was down, he came in there and did a great job whenever he was in there. He helped out a lot. He helped me with taking all those defensive snaps.

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