Sooner Intel: Marcelias Sutton

Intel returns with an update on OU signee Marcelias Sutton.

There’s something to be said for patience and confidence all at the same time. Really no other way to describe the recruitment of Scranton (Pa.) Lackawanna athlete Marcelias Sutton with Oklahoma.

Sutton, ranked No. 38 in the Scout Juco 100, committed to OU without having seen the campus back in March. Or April. Or May. Or June, OK, you get the picture.

It wasn’t until last weekend when Sutton, a mid-year enrollee, got his first taste of Norman and what his future has in store for him.

“It was even better than I imagined it would be,” Sutton said. “Top-notch facilities. Great coaches. I can’t wait.”

Won’t have to wait too much longer as Sutton signed with OU to be a part of SoonerSquad17 with no drama Wednesday morning.

With all the hoopla of OU’s class, still ranked No. 4 by Scout, and the majority of the buzz being about the high school studs headed to Norman, it always felt like Sutton was the forgotten member.

He never felt that way, though. Never felt left out and never wondered if he had any reason to worry about his future.

“I was never worried at all,” said Sutton about not seeing the campus and getting to know the players and coaches. “I adjust to wherever I have to go. I always have. I knew Coach Riley and Coach Boulware would take of me.”

That’s not his lone support system. Yes, it’s true Lincoln Riley and Jay Boulware have been there since Day 1, but he has backup at OU.

Because it’s a Lackawanna thing. OU went to the school last year for offensive lineman Ashton Julious and linebackers Emmanuel Beal and Kapri Doucet.

Doucet, technically, was his host. But Sutton said he spent a lot of time with his former teammates and is excited to be teammates once again.

“For real, though, they told me I couldn’t go wrong,” Sutton said. “They’re enjoying themselves. It’s way better than being at Lackawanna. We laughed and talked about that for a while.

“It definitely helped to hear it from them. I knew they weren’t going to shoot me any lies. They struggled like I struggled. I trusted their word. It’s better than I thought it would be.”

Sutton’s numbers don’t pop out at you, but Sutton said he was never concerned about the dreaded term of being over-recruited. The way Lackawanna spread the wealth, it didn’t allow Sutton to put the amazing, jaw-dropping numbers like some of the other commits, but it has made sure he’s 100 percent fresh as he heads to Norman next month.

And he’ll need to be fresh because his role is undefined. It’s whatever Sutton forces the coaches to make him do. A little bit of running back? Sure. Some time at slot receiver? Absolutely. Used in the return game? That’s the plan.

“I like being that versatile guy,” Sutton said. “Teams can’t plan for that. I’m glad they’re going to use me to my full potential.”

Splitting time and not being an overwhelming No. 1 target is something Sutton will see at OU so it was a good primer for him at Lackawanna. Sutton said his goal is always just to make the most of his opportunities. As long as the team is winning, all is well, he said.

It’s tough for junior college players to see a lot of their future team with most games occurring Saturdays as well. So Saturdays weren’t when Sutton would catch Riley’s offense. It would be later in the week on YouTube or something of that nature.

“I would try to catch some of the games,” Sutton said. “I’m really plugged in when I’m watching. I can see myself doing and being in that offense. I envision my role. It gets me excited.”

Sutton has a redshirt year available being a three-for-two player in regards to his eligibility. His first trip to Norman was last weekend, but at this time next month, he’ll officially be a Sooner.

“I think it hit me on the official visit,” Sutton said. “When I was on the plane coming back here to North Carolina. I’m really about to go have the time of my life out there.”

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