RECRUITING: Arlington receiver loved Norman

Arlington, Texas WR prospect Lance Leggett talks about his visit to Norman for the North Texas game.


JH: How did your visit go at Oklahoma?

LL: "It went well. I love it up there a lot. I loved the players and they are the best. They treated me very well. I liked the coaches a great deal. I really like my position coach (Darrell Wyatt), because I feel he is telling me the truth about everything. I know that he would really push me at practice, but I feel he would care about me as a person as well. I can just tell that he is a really good person."

JH: What impressed about the game the most?

LL: "The new expansion side of the stadium is real nice. They took me up there and that was incredible. I loved the game. I watched OU throw the ball very well, despite the fact that it was raining."

JH: What did you think of Brandon Jones catching 10 passes and the Sooner wide receiver corp having such a big game?

LL: "That was impressive. I wanted to see more of Mark Clayton, but he got hurt."

JH: Did your visit improve your thoughts on OU?

LL: "It added, because OU was better than I thought it would be. The atmosphere was more than I thought it would be. There was just so much excitement, and I understand it is like that every game."

JH: How does your visit change the recruiting situation for Oklahoma?

LL: "It puts them up there with Miami, or I guess it is Miami. I love Oklahoma really and right now I am very high on OU."

JH: It is well known that you grew up in Florida and that you are considering the Florida schools, but could your visit OU keep you out of Florida?

LL: "Yes, OU could keep me from going back to Florida. Norman is very much like my hometown (Bartel, Fla.) and I really liked Norman."

JH: What will you do with your other visits?

LL: "I really don't know right now. I still think I am going to try to do all of them. I am still interested in Miami, Florida, Florida State and Miami."

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