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Quoteboard: OU in New Orleans

Some of the best quotes from the week that was for OU in New Orleans.

We are one day closer to the Allstate Sugar Bowl between Oklahoma and Auburn. And the Sooners players have had a good time in New Orleans, while being focused on the Tigers.

Here’s a look at some of the best quotes from the week that was in the bayou.

“I know, right? People were like, ‘Man what do we gotta do?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know! Y’all figure it out. Go back and play. I don’t know. I’m just a kid.’ It was cool. Like I was saying earlier, life is about living and learning. I think football is a key to learning a lot of things in life. I don’t know if people realize how much from football actually transitions into your daily lives. All the stuff I think I’m learning here, whether if I go play in the league or go get a job or have a family, a lot of stuff I learned here I’ll be able to apply in my life. Hopefully I’ll be a good citizen or a good whatever I am.” – senior linebacker Jordan Evans on being the captain of 1-2 team

 “It’s pretty humbling, but we still have a long way to go to solidify this offense. If you want to compare it to the ’08 offense, which averaged about 50 points, then we would need to finish off on a good note. We’ll see at the end of this, but so far we have just been getting better and better every week. If we keep doing that, and we do that on Monday night, then we will see.” – quarterback Baker Mayfield on comparisons to the 2008 offensive powerhouse

“Well, we want to represent, first and foremost, Oklahoma and Oklahoma football. We can't dictate how everybody else plays in the league. We want to be different. We want to be able to play a lot of different styles. And that's what good football teams do; they match up with everybody. And this is a different matchup, but you have to adjust. And that's why you want to have a diverse defense that can do a lot of different things.” – defensive coordinator Mike Stoops on if there is Big 12 pride in bowl games

 “You know it wasn’t fun. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth for a long time until you have that next game. We really want to get this win. We really want to prove to everyone that we can win this game and finish off strong.” – tight end Mark Andrews on losing Orange Bowl, final game of season

 “No, I knew I was a decent player and with the right coaching I could be great, but I didn’t know the coaches here at Oklahoma could make me the player I am today. I really thank them for pushing me to my potential.  I’m not at my peak yet, but appreciate everything they’ve done for me to this point.” – wide receiver Dede Westbrook on if he thought this year was possible

“I mean that hurt. Especially as the captain of the defense, I feel like that reflected more on me. To go back and watch that Texas Tech game, he had every right to say that because we did play pretty terribly, especially on my half. That kind of sucked, but at the same time you could flip the role and say it’s any given Saturday. Just because we played that one bad game against y’all doesn’t mean that on the last game of the stretch against the best offense in the Big 12 we held them lower than their usual numbers.” – Jordan Evans on committee saying OU’s defense is weak link

“That’s not what we are trying to prove. We really just want to show how physical OU is. We want to prove how physical we are on offense and defense.” – linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo on Big 12 vs. SEC hype

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