Rhett Bomar Diary: Countdown to kickoff

The nation's top high school quarterback talks about his scrimmage vs. North Crowley, his trip to the North Texas-Oklahoma game and his team's upcoming season opener at Abilene Cooper in the third installment of his exclusive OUInsider.com diary.

We had our last scrimmage on Thursday vs. North Crowley. It went well. We were pretty basic in our offense, because Abilene Cooper was there scouting us. North Crowley played a lot of man defense, so we threw the ball more than last week's scrimmage to give our receivers some confidence. I had a touchdown pass and played well. I think I played better in this scrimmage, because we threw it more. In the first scrimmage, I had some good runs, but I had a couple of crap throws, because I wasn't in a rhythm.

On Friday, we went to Duncanville and watched them beat Abilene Cooper 30-23. We sat on the Cooper side and stayed low key, because we didn't want to start anything. Even though they lost, Cooper is a good team. They always are, because they have strong football tradition and they don't beat themselves. They're also well coached, so Friday's game will be tough just like last year.

It sucks opening on the road at Cooper, because it's such a long trip there. We'll have to leave Friday morning and ride the bus most of the day, but it'll be all right. I think we're ready for our first game and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm just ready for the season to start. We'll practice every day this week, but Thursday's practice will be short. Last week, we kind of had some crappy practices and we didn't scrimmage as well as we could have, but we'll practice well this week and be ready on Friday.

On Saturday, I got up and lifted weights with my team. After that, three friends and I drove up to Norman. I didn't drive this time, but when I do, it usually takes me two and a half hours to get there. The drive kind of sucks right now, because there's two spots where traffic narrows to one lane due to I-35's construction. It wasn't so bad this time, because when you're with friends, it goes a lot faster.

We got to Norman about 4 p.m. When I walked into the Switzer Center, I saw Lance Leggett with some of the crimson and crème girls. We sat down and watched some of the Oklahoma State-Nebraska game for a little bit. I didn't see much of that game, but I was surprised Oklahoma State lost, because I thought they'd win, but it's whatever.

Lance is cool. I asked him about his visit and he told me he was having a real good time. I like him and hope he chooses Oklahoma, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I really don't have a clue as to what he's going to do.

After that, my friends and I headed over to the cafeteria and then went down on to the field, where I talked with Alan Davis (an OU defensive end commit) from Colleyville. We play him in a couple of weeks, but he's a nice guy. It was cool being on the field and Coach Gundy even let us go out to the middle during warmups. It was really neat to see all the fans, especially with the new deck and all, but I didn't like the retro uniforms. I thought they were ugly.

I watched the game from the stands, which really sucked, because it was pouring down rain during the first and second quarters. It was raining hard and we got soaked. Everybody was pulling out panchos, but my friends and I didn't have anything. We just sat there in the rain and got drenched. Later on, we finally got trash bags and poked holes in them so we could wear them and still watch the game. It didn't matter, because I think my clothes are still wet.

I stayed for the whole game and thought OU played real well. The defense was tough as usual. The offense looked good. I liked the way they threw the ball down the field and I thought Jason White played really well considering all the stuff he's had to overcome. I can definitely see myself out there making throws just like the bomb to Brandon Jones. We actually run that same exact play in high school and I talked to Coach Long about that.

After the game, I listened to Coach Stoops talk in the locker room and then we went to the Holiday Inn, where we stayed the night. We went and got something to eat, then just chilled afterwards.

On Sunday, we got up, checked out and ate at On The Border (Mexican Grill & Cantina). Then we stopped by the Switzer Center again, because I wanted to show my friends around a little more. While we there, we ran into Tommie Harris, who was in the training room getting treatment, and my friends got pictures taken with him. They thought he was great.

I can't tell put into words how excited I am about my high school football season. I'm really confident, because this year's team wants to win more than guys have in the past. I think we'll beat Abilene Cooper this week. The team with the fewest mistakes will win and I think we'll be 1-0 when I check back with you next week.

Ask Rhett Bomar

Is OU's offense similar to the one you will be running this season?
No City

Rhett: "Yes, it really is. We get back in the shotgun and some of the new running game stuff we use is from Oklahoma or based on their system. Some of the passing plays and formations are very similar to OU's offense. They're alike in many ways."

Have you given any thought to graduating early and enrolling at OU this spring?
No City

Rhett: "Yes, I have. I could do that, but my high school's academic year is on a trimester schedule. When you graduate early at Grand Prairie, it's after the second semester, which overlaps the start of spring semester at OU. That makes it tough to do. Plus, if I graduated early, I'd have to miss my senior year of baseball and I want to play that too. I enjoy playing baseball and if I graduated early, I'd be letting my teammates down. I don't want to leave them hanging."

If you were a first-round pick in the major league baseball draft, would you skip college football to play professional baseball?
Houston, Texas

Rhett: "I don't know. The one thing I can say is that I don't think I'd flat out give up football. I guess I'd have to negotiate or maybe play both, but I'd just have to see on that. I guess it'd depend on a lot of things, like the money and if I could play both, because I'm not exactly sure how that works."

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