RECRUITING: The latest on Chijioke

Junior College All-American cornerback Chijioke Onyenegecha talks about his expected arrival date in Norman.

I just got off the phone with JUCO All-American cornerback Chijioke Onyenegecha of San Francisco Community College in California. Chijioke says he has been working very hard over the last couple of weeks trying to get all his work in so that he can graduate.

According to Chijioke, he has turned in all of his papers and taken all of his tests in the correspondence course that he is taking. He is now awaiting the grade from that course and expects to get that tomorrow.

He is trying to set up his exit test, but that hasn't been moving very fast. First, they need to get a passing grade from the class and then clarification that he has graduated before they will let him take the test. Chijioke expects this no later than Thursday, but he really doesn't know for sure.

At this point Chijioke is resigned to the fact that he probably can't get everything done by Friday, which is the last day he can enroll at OU for this semester. However, he says even if he can't get everything done in time, when he does get everything completed that he will be headed to Norman anyway.

"I will go ahead and go to Norman and start taking classes at OU," said Chijioke Tuesday night. "I want to move out to Oklahoma and start getting acclimated to what OU is all about academically and athletically. I realize I won't be available to play until next year, but I can get a head start and enroll full-time for second semester and then going through spring football. That may be the best I can do, unless I can speed up the exit test around here."

As long as Chijioke does indeed come to Norman, the tardiness of his academic process may be mute anyway. Chijioke says his hamstring injury is progressing nicely, but that he isn't sure when he would be ready to play this year.

So, hopefully Chijioke can get his academics in order, and as of tonight he feels he has passed the classes and that he can pass the exit test. Chijioke says he has been studying for the exit test and that he still has every intention of coming to Norman, enrolling in school by taking a couple of classes and then becoming a full-time student by the second semester. He plans to compete for a starting cornerback job in the spring of 2004.

So, at this time Chijioke still wants to be an Oklahoma Sooner, but it is not going to be as quick as Sooner fans had hoped it would be, and thus all Sooner fans need to just hope that he does indeed get the academic work done, make it out to Norman and get in enrolled as a part-time student.

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