Ryan Jones commits to Sooners

Kerry Cooks lands one more four-star prospect for SoonerSquad17 with North Carolina athlete Ryan Jones.

Oklahoma has made a habit of doing this lately. A recruit not really on the radar at all that ends up inking with the Sooners at the last minute.

The 2017 edition? Introduce you to Charlotte (N.C.) Mallard Creek athlete Ryan Jones, who announced his commitment to the Sooners on Saturday afternoon during his official visit to OU.



Jones, a four-star prospect, was originally offered by OU way back when in July 2015 and was regarded as one of the best receivers in North Carolina and one of the best prospects.

After committing to North Carolina, the offers started to tail off, and then off the field issues saw Jones go from Scout 300 prospect to out of sight and out of mind.

Jones was kicked off his high school team because of attitude issues. It netted a positive result, though, as Jones changed his ways. Jones has been a different player and person since being kicked off the team, according to multiple sources.

And OU never forgot about him. Just like Orlando Brown in 2014. Just like Prentice McKinney in 2015. Just like Erik Swenson and Mykel Jones in 2016. OU turns over every stone it can think of to see if it can find that unearthed gem.

Throughout the recruiting process, Jones has been regarded as a receiver, and he could very well be that guy for the Sooners when it’s all said and done. As of right now, however, the focus is on defense and playing safety.

Jones was visited by defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks earlier this week, which confirmed the weekend visit was indeed going to happen.

As other schools have dropped Jones or stopped looking in his direction, the general feeling was as long as Jones made it to Norman, he would be a Sooner.

Jones confirmed his arrival to OU for his official visit to Sooners Illustrated on Friday afternoon. From there, it felt like a countdown to when Jones would commit.

That clock struck zero with Jones announcing Saturday.

Jones becomes the 19th four-star prospect for OU’s highly touted SoonerSquad17 group. No idea if his future is at receiver or safety, but one thing is clear is his future is at OU.

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