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Chris Robison set tone for SoonerSquad17

Quarterback Chris Robison set the tone from the beginning with SoonerSquad17.

It was June 26, 2015, when Chris Robison committed to Oklahoma. He had to deal with news of Kyler Murray transferring to the Sooners. He had to deal with news of Baker Mayfield earning a year of eligibility back and choosing to stay that extra year.

Through it all, he never flinched. Not once. OU coaches recognize that and spoke very highly of Robison on signing day.

On building the class around Robison:

“It is a big deal. When you get someone early that’s the caliber and throws the ball the way Chris does, I think other players start to take notice early on. Chris became a leader in this group early. Any one or two guys that get it started definitely can have a strong influence on other players jumping on board as well.” – head coach Bob Stoops

On how important it was for Robison to stand strong:

“It was important. We’d been pretty straightforward with that position in particular. That position is unique. It’s different. The recruiting of quarterbacks almost has its own set of rules and standards. It’s unlike any other position that you normally only take one. There’s normally only one on the field.

“The spots tend to go maybe a little bit quicker. Once a couple of dominoes start to fall it goes quickly. That’s a conversation we have with quarterbacks before they commit here. That if there’s any hesitation or if they’re not 100 percent sold, then don’t commit. We don’t want you to because when you do, then we’re done and you need to be done too. He stuck with that, which I appreciate.

“I think sometimes some of these recruits don’t realize that once you commit, you’re also starting to build that relationship and trust with your future position coach or coordinator or whatever it is. I think guys like Chris that stay committed that whole time, that trust starts to build even before they get on campus and I think it makes an impact on a little bit of your perception of them once they get on campus.” – offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley

Robison was a mid-year enrollee and arrived on campus last month.

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