2017 WR Charleston Rambo (Gabe Brooks / SCOUT)

OU hit it big at WR/TE for SoonerSquad17 with #BallOutBoyz

OU is hoping it struck gold with its #BallOutBoyz for 2017 receiver and tight end class.

Now you’re starting to get a feel of what Oklahoma outside receivers coach Dennis Simmons is looking for at the position.

The Sooners were still finding their footing the last couple of years at receiver, but Simmons and Cale Gundy knew exactly what they were looking for in 2017.

They were called the #BallOutBoyz, and it’s hard to argue the production and potential of receivers Marquise Brown, CeeDee Lamb, Charleston Rambo and tight end Grant Calcaterra.





On similarities between Brown and Dede Westbrook:

Very similar because of his quickness and speed, that’s very similar to Dede’s. He’s built similarly. We love the way he goes after the ball, his competitiveness. He’s got that exceptional quickness, so he can be a guy that’s a similar type player.” – head coach Bob Stoops

Evaluate the WR class:

Well we’ll see. These guys all have to come in and make plays. I believe they will. I think they’re all really skilled guys with speed and a proven ability to go after the ball. CeeDee Lamb was the player of the year in the entire Houston area. That says a lot. Charleston Rambo has big-play potential and has made a ton of big plays. All three of these will make an impact next year, there’s no question.” – head coach Bob Stoops

On the competition at receiver going forward:

“I feel like that it’ll be a little bit like the quarterback room and I think that it’ll be the most competition that we’ve had in our third year going on now. We return a lot of guys who’ve gotten a lot better and made a lot of big plays in a lot of big games and then I think this is probably the best receiving class that we’ve brought in, at least on paper to this point with Marquise and Grant already being here.

“Those were two guys that we really targeted specifically because of their skillsets. Marquise hopefully to be able to replace some of the speed and explosion we lost with Dede, a guy that can go run with anybody in the country right now. And then Grant, we’re continuing to build on that tight end/flex tight end position where we’ve used Mark Andrews some and will continue to use more. We wanted to find another body like that and we did.

“Getting those guys here was great and CeeDee Lamb and Charleston Rambo, you’re talking about two of the most dynamic receivers in the country and to be able to get them both, Dennis Simmons and Cale Gundy did a great job leading up the recruiting on all those guys.” – offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley

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